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Girl power: Protecting each other in tough times

Lockdown in India made girls more vulnerable to child marriage. But groups of girls protect their friends and prevent marriage from stealing their childhoods.
  Coronavirus lockdown in India has had devastating effects on already … World Vision India’s Sandip

“If I had a magic wand” - a girl’s dream to break free of child marriage

Child Protection expert, Aimyleen Gabriel, looks at the links between a lack of basics - like water - and rising child marriage cases.
of her local Girl Power group in India.

Statement: Super Cyclone Amphan puts millions at greater risk of coronavirus

Cyclone Amphan is creating crisis on top of a crisis – making it even more difficult to contain COVID-19 at a critical time in the response by both India and Bangladesh, World Vision warns.
at a critical time in the response by both India and Bangladesh. Donate to our global

Coronavirus: World Vision welcomes UN’s global response plan

World Vision welcomes the UN’s COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response plan, launched today (March 25).

She's someone else's property: a father's story

True gender equality means we’re all in it together. In India these men are redefining gender roles and protecting girls from child marriage and violence.

Children fear they can’t go back to school after Cyclone Fani devastation

Children fear they might not be able to go back to school after the devastation of Cyclone Fani in India and Bangladesh.
after the devastation of Cyclone Fani in India and Bangladesh. Fani hit India’s coastline … National Director of World Vision India India has previously responded during the super

Cyclone Fani Appeal

Cyclone Fani 2019 has devastated areas of India and Bangladesh. Donate now to bring lifesaving disaster relief and supplies to children affected by the storm.
CYCLONE FANI APPEAL Cyclone Fani hit India’s coastline on Friday morning … path. India In … live in those areas. World Vision India’s teams are already on the

World Vision UK launches Cyclone Fani appeal

World Vision UK has launched an emergency appeal to fund the humanitarian response to Cyclone Fani.
people affected by a devastating cyclone in India and Bangladesh. Cyclone Fani hit India’s … been evacuated from the eastern coastline of India. World

Cyclone Fani: World Vision warns millions of children at risk

World Vision is ready to provide emergency humanitarian assistance in Bangladesh and India, as Cyclone Fani threatens millions of families.
in India and … and forecast to make landfall in eastern India on Friday. Thousands of people from areas … the coastline in India have begun to be evacuated. The cyclone

Empowering Girls

We actively empower girls and women throughout our work, fighting against discrimination, abuse and oppression. We work together with community leaders, teachers, families and the girls themselves, to provide support and awareness ensuring they have equal access to healthcare, education and the promise of a brighter future.

Empowering Girls

Make life better for girls in some of the world’s hardest places. Find out how your donation can change the future for girls in Africa, Asia and across the world.

Indonesia earthquake and tsunami: World Vision response teams arrive in Palu

World Vision emergency response teams have arrived in Palu, to urgently support rescue workers searching for survivors two days after a powerful earthquake hit Indonesia and triggered a tsunami.
people across the Indian

Back to school: From binding books to reading them

Day in and day out, 12-year-old Mohsin would work 10-hour shifts hauling around huge piles of books, desperate to know what was written inside of them.

India Flood Response

Our response teams are on the ground, actively coordinating with the local government to provide immediate emergency relief to flood affected areas in India. We are providing food, water, shelter, ‘Child-Friendly Spaces’ and education support to families in need, but we need your help to continue.
Vision India 2018 Our response teams are already on … emergency relief to flood affected areas in India. We are providing … these are the worst floods the Indian state of Kerala has experienced in a

World Vision launches emergency response to Kerala floods

International aid agency World Vision is rushing emergency supplies to India’s Kerala state, where hundreds have been killed and 800,000 displaced by devastating floods.
Vision is rushing emergency supplies to India’s Kerala

Why sponsor a child

Why sponsor a child? 7 reasons why it’s one of the best ways you can change a child’s life and make a difference in the world.
India    4.  See the difference you’re making

5 reasons to sponsor a child

School out and summer in full swing, we're set for those special moments, when memories are made, days are long and full of promise, to have new adventures and and make a difference in this world. But, realistically, can you find time to be positive, healthy, helpful and focussed on relationships, all at the same time? Well, it turns out the answer is yes. Find out how.
India    7.  Play a special part in each

Lives fractured by the floods: India’s monsoon survivors

First hand accounts of India's monsoon response
emergency relief trip with World Vision India. During the plane ride to … World Vision India volunteers met us on the other side of the … families received food from World Vision India. To see smiles on peoples faces made the

Sponsorship brings Uttam friendship and hope

Our Children’s Communications Officer, Lauren Vail, travelled to India and had the great privilege of meeting Uttam, a World Vision sponsored child.
absolutely everything. During my trip to India last … Communications Officer and I was in India to lead a training at our urban project in … the poorest state in India. World Vision India has been intentional about including