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This Lent, love your neighbour as yourself

This Easter, Minister Gail Thompson reflects on how to show God's love to people around the world.

A time to demonstrate love for others

What motivates you to give? Do you most appreciate receiving? The true spirit of Christmas is "not getting, but giving". It is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family; forgetting self and finding time for others.

A History of World Vision

As a charity motivated by Christian faith, World Vision aims to make a positive difference to the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children as an expression of God’s love.

Sky Diving for South Sudan

It was a very memorable day, and not a standard Wednesday morning. I was strapped to a guy’s lap circling above the clouds, 13,000 feet in the air. Feeling weirdly calm, I looked out the window and imagined that the white canvas beneath me was merely a sheet of snow covering the ground, obscuring me from the reality of what I was about to do.

What Our Kids Need: Blogger Stories

At the start of the year we asked to bloggers write about what their children last needed and what this meant to them. We were delighted with the inspirational posts that came back.

The many things my child needs

What was the last thing your child needed? This New Year, World Vision asks bloggers to think about the most recent thing their children needed.

Lost along the way

Goran Stupar spent last week in Serbia speaking to refugees about the things they've lost since fleeing Syria. Broken, discarded shoes by roadsides, clothing washed up on beaches, alongside bags packed full with personal items, however belongings lost along the way pale in comparison to the memories they’ve left behind.

A Rock and a Hard Place

A World Vision Supporter, Philip Jinadu, discusses his recent visit to Azraq Refugee Camp. Speaking of the families he met that simply want the best for their children, he talks about how World Vision's schooling projects are making a difference.

The untold story

Melany Markham reflects on the difficulties faced by communicators working in South Sudan, when trying to tell the story of thousands of children facing a humanitarian catastrophe. From constraints on taking photographs, to tackling the huge distances between camps, the challenges are numerous but mask an important story that needs to be told.

The future in the eyes of Lema

Lara Ghaoui, Emergency Programme Officer, recently travelled to Central African Republic to see how conflict was affecting our projects there. She met Lema, a proud father who works in our office there, and was left speechless when he told her about how he escaped the fighting.

An evacuation into Congo, a satellite phone and worlds colliding

Senior Humanitarian Policy Advisor Johan Eldebo describes being recently evacuated from Central African Republic due to fighting nearby, and how this has strengthened his resolve to work with people living in the world's most difficult places.

Reconciliation after Ebola

World Vision's Stefanie Glinski recently travelled to Sierra Leone to meet Frances - a 10-year-old girl orphaned by Ebola. As the country is declared Ebola-free, Stefanie found that many survivors like Frances still carry the stigma of the disease.

Amanda Redman's trip to Nepal

Helicopter wrangler and boom operator? All part of the job when you're determined to get media coverage on the plight of Nepalese people, six months after the earthquake. Siân Merrylees, celebrity media specialist, explains…

Global Goals - the world's new 'to do' list

Last week global leaders, Hollywood stars and even the Pope joined together in New York to celebrate the new set of global goals for the world. Head of Policy Gavin Crowden, gives his view on why the goals are needed and why it's so important that they leave no child behind.

The mission that changed my mind

As part of Remember A Charity week, Brian Phillips - a charismatic individual with a passion for change in the world’s poorest regions, will be writing his will during a skydiving session. He shared a story of how a certain mission in West Africa inspired him to devote much of his time to promoting the work of World Vision.

Why we're diving for World Vision

As part of Remember A Charity In Your Will week, four plucky ladies from our Supporter Care team will be jumping out of a plane to keep company with Brian Phillips - one of our Ambassadors, who will be writing his will mid-air. Our brave women are themselves raising money for children in South Sudan, and as the jump approaches next week, we find out what's motivating them to take the plunge.

A day in the life of a humanitarian

Humanitarian Worker Ngure Muriithi shares his day with us for World Humanitarian Day. He visits POC3 - the largest camp in Juba, South Sudan to see how World Vision's food vouchers are helping families.

The Communicator as Humanitarian

In her time at World Vision, Cecil Laguardia has worked in some of the most disaster-prone regions of the world. Here, she reflects on the unique requirements of her job and how she draws inspiration from the people she works with.

A day with Linda Barker

World Vision's Charlotte Tipping was recently invited to Linda Barkers' Floral Friday fundraising party in a small village in Yorkshire. With poetry writing, crafting and baking on offer for all ages, Charlotte was touched by how deeply Linda understood the work that needed to be done to help children like Lee-ap.

The haves and have-nots of childhood

Geeta Bandi-Phillips reflects on how issues her community faced in her childhood are still to be addressed today. She calls on governments and the private sector to do more to address food and nutrition around the world using the sustainable development goals.