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Syria -10 years: Growing up in the shadow of war

The Syrian war has now lasted 10 years. 4.8 million Syrian children have known nothing but war. How has it affected Syria’s children and childhood?
idea to engage with other women and girls to put a stop to child … marriage and promotes the importance of girls completing their education. … the war. Now she's trying to protect other girls. World Vision’s Claire Bardell reflects

Out of school: Into danger

More children than ever are out of school right now. Too many of them will become vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Find out what can you do about it.
each of these girls has lost precious … changed to protect the girls’ identities

World Vision launches campaign to end abuses that keep children from school

As millions of children remain out of school around the world, World Vision UK today launches its “Empty Classrooms, Broken Futures” campaign.
that coronavirus has put four million extra girls at risk of child marriage over the next two … while as many as one million girls across

UK Child Sponsors Zoom from Newcastle to India

Mark and Christine from Newcastle, met their sponsored child in India during lockdown. The virtual visit is a new way to meet your sponsored child. See how it went.
boys and girls are brought up in loving

5 reasons children are back in school

One way or another, children around the world are getting back into education. Find the top 5 reasons why it matters.
and a few girls from the village became pregnant. This

Anuradha: More than a child bride

At just 13, marriage and motherhood seemed to end Anuradha’s hope of becoming a teacher. Now 23, she’s set to be more than she dreamed. How did she do it?
want other girls to endure … want other girls to endure … also soon realised how the dreams of many girls in her village were being silenced because … abuse and child marriage. Since several girls had a good relationship with Anuradha in the

Our heroes of 2020: Finding strength by helping others

A look back at some of the most inspirational people we've seen this year.
said that the safety and security of girls was an issue in the lockdown. Obaidur

Senior Labour MP urges protection of UK Aid

Labour is committed to championing aid and development post-pandemic, working alongside faith-based organisations, the Shadow Secretary of State for International Development has said.
in a rise in violence against women and girls. Gill also referenced the

World Food Day 2020: When food is more than a meal

Visit a community kitchen at the heart of one of the largest refugee camps. Food is more than a meal: Girls like Raju can enjoy time with mum, good food and learning.

UK youth advocate stands up for child brides

World Vision UK Youth Advocate, Asini, tells us how learning about child marriage has affected her – and why sharing is the key to change.
23 girls under the age of 18 are forced into marriage

A world of firsts: Transformed by sponsorship

Becoming a sponsored child helped Saru in Nepal to build a brighter future, out of poverty. Now 20, she’s helping the next generation in her community.
Rupantaran classes for adolescent boys and girls and teaches them various life skills. She is … for her mother. To encourage adolescent girls and boys to remain inside their

Virtual Global 6K for Water 2020 - Highlights

In August, World Vision supporters turned out to do the Global 6K, their way. Here are some of the highlights.

A world of firsts: First step to a big dream

At just 13 years old, Nahomy, dreams of opening the first clinic in her remote community. Child Sponsorship is helping.
all girls

Girl power: Protecting each other in tough times

Lockdown in India made girls more vulnerable to child marriage. But groups of girls protect their friends and prevent marriage from stealing their childhoods.
where the girls were 14 and 17 years … our girls have learnt how to fight for their freedom … Vision child protection projects work with girls the network of strong girls and women will continue to grow.

“If I had a magic wand” - a girl’s dream to break free of child marriage

Child Protection expert, Aimyleen Gabriel, looks at the links between a lack of basics - like water - and rising child marriage cases.
girls are often more disproportionately impacted. … young girls had to get married before they missed the … so that girls and boys can go to … leaders. It is also important that we put girls and boys at the centre of the conversation

Child marriage through children's eyes

A story of early marriage, drawn by children.
girls become child brides. The effects of the … with 462 girls falling victim in June alone. … while other girls her age go to school. End of childhood


Together Amen - August 2020 - 2
that girls like her are forced into. Because as … helping change the way communities perceive girls through education. But for as long as … than staying home now. It scares me that girls will be the next target for their families’

Thirsty for change

In 2020, handwashing is more important than ever. This August, we can bring vital clean water to children like Ireen.
and they dropped out. The two girls began working in other people’s fields all … and women and girls are no longer trapped in the cycle of … no snooze button to silence him. The girls

12-year-old fights COVID-19 in refugee camp

12-year-old refugee Priscillia, in the DRC, is trying to protect her friends and family from the coronavirus pandemic.
be prosecuted. It makes me sad to see girls my age leaving school because they got

Rohingya refugee dads unite to protect children from violence  

Obaidur, a respected Rohingya camp leader, believes that with good teaching, men can create positive change in the heart of the coronavirus crisis.
Rohingya and is seen as a way of protecting girls from the risk of rape or abuse. … at least four million more girls could be married in the next two years.