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Survivor of rape in conflict praises Angelina Jolie and UK government

Angela Atim of Watye ki Gen meets Angelina Jolie at UK government to support survivors of sexual violence in conflict.

A burden no more | Preventing child marriage in Bangladesh

After overcoming epilepsy and avoiding an arranged marriage when she was just 14, Sonia is determined to work for World Vision one day. Now 22, Sonia credits the NGO with supporting her and her family while she was young. This is her story...

Bold plan to halt child marriage in jeopardy, warns new report

World Vision is urging the new International Development Secretary Priti Patel to take a lead in ramping up action to eradicate child marriages by 2030.
on the second anniversary of the Girl Summit. The report is issued in partnership with

Working with DFID to stop child marriage in Nepal

At the Girl Summit in 2014, leaders and organisations from around the world came together and pledged to end child marriage. Today in South-eastern Nepal, World Vision and the UK government are working together to make this goal come true.
At the Girl Summit in

The impact of Ebola on change and protection

As an advocate for change in her country, 17-year-old Alice felt the impact of the Ebola crisis twice; not only did it affect her family and peers on a personal level, it also slowed the rate of change and support she could give to vulnerable girls in her community. She describes how upsetting it was to see girls as young as 14 falling pregnant, and how we can still work together to support those in need…
were invited to the Girl Summit hosted by the UK government and UNICEF in

Protecting girls from violence

Violence against women and girls is all too prevalent in the world. It crosses cultures, economic status and ethnicity.

How Local Advocacy Can Form A Global Agenda: Reflections From The Girl Summit Youth Delegates

Alice and Alfred flew in from Sierra Leone to take part in the Girl Summit to tackle the issues of FGM and early marriage. One month on from their visit, they both take time to reflect on the change they are helping enable from a local to a global level.
and early marriage at the Girl Summit. A month on from their

Girl Summit 2014: Recap, Reflection & Conclusion

As the Girl Summit draws to a close, our Child Rights Programme Advisor Tracy Shields completes Part II of her summit reflection.
Girl Summit Words fail me to tell you how proud we … of both Alice and Alfred on the day of the Girl Summit.  Not only did they both give inspiring and

Girl Summit 2014: World Vision leads drive to end FGM and child marriage

Speaking at UK's first Girl Summit, WVUK CEO Justin Byworth shares solutions to end FGM & Early Marriage.
child marriage and FGM.  Speaking at the Girl Summit 2014 in

Girl Summit: Children Free From Fear of FGM and Early Marriage

Ahead of next week's Girl Summit our Child Rights Programme Advisor, Tracy Shields shares why she's raising not just her voice and our voice, but the voices of the children living in fear of FGM and early marriage.
ahead of next week's Girl Summit Tracy shares why … Tuesday 22nd July the UK will host the first Girl Summit with the aim of mobilising efforts to end

Duchess to meet campaigner tackling domestic violence in Solomon Islands

Women in the Solomon Islands suffer some of the highest rates of domestic violence in the world. Two out of three women aged 15-49 who have ever been in a relationship, reporting experiencing physical and/or sexual violence by an intimate partner. That is 64 per cent.