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A day with Linda Barker

World Vision's Charlotte Tipping was recently invited to Linda Barkers' Floral Friday fundraising party in a small village in Yorkshire. With poetry writing, crafting and baking on offer for all ages, Charlotte was touched by how deeply Linda understood the work that needed to be done to help children like Lee-ap.
rallied all her family and friends to have a Floral Friday fundraiser for World Vision in a lovely … Floral Friday. We’re asking supporters to wear something

Letting hope bloom at Hampton Court

Award-winning John Warland is hoping that his rice-garden at Hampton Court this week, will inspire people to get suitably floriferous for July 10th and continue to support hope blooming for children across the globe. He gives us a behind the scenes look at how his latest garden was created.
of World Vision through the special date of Floral Friday on July 10th. Flowers brighten anyone’s … Floral Friday. We’re asking supporters to wear something

Too scared to stay at home

World Vision Ambassador Linda Barker recently visited Cambodia to meet Lee-Ap - a courageous thirteen-year-old girl, who, due to circumstances, acts as a parent to her three siblings.
Floral Friday. We’re asking supporters to wear something … Floral Friday campaign. I met our young heroine in a poor … Floral Friday event will help support. Parents can now

Village Flowers

World Vision's Alison Cole recently had the opportunity to attend some flower arranging workshops - just a few of the amazing Floral Friday activities that are raising money for children like Lee-Ap in Cambodia.
it left all the ladies eager to carry on the Floral Friday theme in their own … on how you and your friends can be a part of Floral Friday click here

A plant for all time

If you had to pick a plant of the century or millennia, what would yours be? What’s the hero plant to which mankind owes an eternal debt of gratitude? John Warland reveals the inspiration behind his award-winning garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.
Floral Friday campaign kicks off with our garden at the

Lee-Ap's Story

This spring, World Vision’s Siân Merrylees travelled to Cambodia with Celebrity Ambassador Linda Barker. Just a few hours drive from the tourist sites of Siem Reap, Siân and Linda were struck by young children they met who were living with often ailing grandparents, while their parents worked far from home, often across the border in Thailand. One girl they met – 13-year-old Lee-Ap - particularly stole their hearts.
Floral Friday. We’re asking supporters to wear something

Linda Barker visits Cambodia

TV presenter Linda Barker has just joined World Vision as a celebrity ambassador, and recently visited some of our projects in Cambodia. Here she shares her reflections on the trip.…