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Why sponsor a child?

Why sponsor a child? Find out about the benefits of sponsoring a child – for them and you – from UK child sponsors.
education and

Syria -10 years: Growing up in the shadow of war

The Syrian war has now lasted 10 years. 4.8 million Syrian children have known nothing but war. How has it affected Syria’s children and childhood?
the importance of girls completing their education. … women and girls psychological support and education sessions. The centre also helps young … back to school to continue her interrupted education. Fatimah uses Instagram and Facebook to

World Book Day 2021: Transform children's lives

How to celebrate World Book Day 2021 with ideas and activities for your children at home. Plus an easy way to declutter AND fundraise for vulnerable children.
and families to highlight the benefits of education are helping our children access education. As a traditional … to have a better education than their parents propelled her.

Out of school: Into danger

More children than ever are out of school right now. Too many of them will become vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Find out what can you do about it.
due to lost education. … is preventing children from accessing the education they deserve and need. … and her son in the DRC. Lost education echoed around the world

World Vision launches campaign to end abuses that keep children from school

As millions of children remain out of school around the world, World Vision UK today launches its “Empty Classrooms, Broken Futures” campaign.
not the only barrier to education they face. Violence and abuse … and abuse and addressing the barriers to education

Beirut blast: 6 months on, half a million children at risk of child marriage and forced labour

Over half a million children are at risk of child labour and child marriage as their families struggle six months on from the Beirut blast, World Vision warns today.
the international community to invest in education and to prioritise child protection and … no work and their children with no access to education and at risk of forced labour and marriage.

5 reasons children are back in school

One way or another, children around the world are getting back into education. Find the top 5 reasons why it matters.
are finding ways to get back into education. Before … where the Department of Education has postponed classes until there is a … through World Vision Jordan's education programme. The aim of the programme is to

Anuradha: More than a child bride

At just 13, marriage and motherhood seemed to end Anuradha’s hope of becoming a teacher. Now 23, she’s set to be more than she dreamed. How did she do it?
a volunteer and began training children in education and child rights. She went … even have a proper education to find a decent job. They do not have the

Donate to help refugees

play therapy and education for children. How do I know my donations

Child hunger: Why do children go hungry?

Why are children going hungry in 2020? World Vision explores why it happens, the effects of malnutrition on children and ways to support vulnerable families.
hunger robs a child of a good education

All I want for Christmas is ... my first cup of clean water

Christmas 2020 can be a Christmas of firsts for a vulnerable child, like Akuamoah. That first drink of clean water changes more than you might think.

UK youth advocate stands up for child brides

World Vision UK Youth Advocate, Asini, tells us how learning about child marriage has affected her – and why sharing is the key to change.
a decision that could easily be avoided with education. When I later formulated my speech and … pregnancy and childbirth How ending her education continues the cycle of poverty into another

Pumpkin Heroes: Believing in others

This Halloween, shine God’s light into a dark year with Pumpkin Heroes. Bible-based resources from World Vision for a fun and bright party – in church or online.
the world have felt the brunt of missing education and being isolated from their friends.

A world of firsts: Transformed by sponsorship

Becoming a sponsored child helped Saru in Nepal to build a brighter future, out of poverty. Now 20, she’s helping the next generation in her community.

A world of firsts: clean water is just the start

Child sponsorship opened a world of firsts for Isata.

Jackson: Becoming more than he ever dreamt

Jackson is living proof that the simple act of sponsoring a child can open up their future to more than they ever thought possible.
Education is the key Jackson Ole

“If I had a magic wand” - a girl’s dream to break free of child marriage

Child Protection expert, Aimyleen Gabriel, looks at the links between a lack of basics - like water - and rising child marriage cases.
water and education also have the highest rates of child … deprives her of education and puts her at risk of physical and … as it leads to more girls and boys missing education and thus perpetuating generations living in

Water of life

Liddah works bring clean, safe water to children across Malawi. But once, it was her walking miles to collect water every day.
key to education and the future Because I was able to


Together Amen - August 2020 - 2
the way communities perceive girls through education. But for as long as … an estimated 1.9 million children out of education. Along with conflict in the

Child sponsorship FAQs

water makes them sick. Missing out on an education can stop them from reaching their potential. … healthcare and education. We work with a … child reaches the age of eighteen or leaves education. But it also depends on how long