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Living with the threat of Ebola

Zainab is a 12-year old secondary school student in eastern Sierra Leone. Although she and her family have so far remained healthy and safe from Ebola, the disease currently ravaging the country has infected her life in other ways.
ently suffering from the largest outbreak of Ebola in two decades. While as of yet no sponsored…y have so far remained healthy and safe from Ebola local children's club. Before the threat of Ebola reared its deadly head this summer

World leaders must act now before Ebola spirals out of control

As UK hosts Ebola conference, World Vision and partners welcome the strong commitment demonstrated by many Governments so far in responding to the crisis
Ebola has spread throughout the country…ity is urgently needed to halt the spread of Ebola and mitigate its impacts on the hard… isolating and treating patients with Ebola and for protecting health workers tending to



Sierra Leone

ple of Sierra Leone secure a better future. EBOLA

Sierra Leone

The latest prayers of children and communities we work with in Sierra Leone.
During the Ebola crisis…. Before Ebola. When the Ebola outbreak hit their community…iends. Haja asked if you can pray for the Ebola disease to come to an end as it has brought

Emergency Response

About this Christian charity, with a history timeline. World Vision work to bring hope to millions as a sign of God's unconditional love.

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