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On her own | Post Ebola story in Sierra Leone

In pre-Ebola Sierra Leone, Maria lived with her parents, two sisters and little brother. She had a good life and was happy. Her memories of family days echo the happy, sunny, carefree days many of us associate with childhood.
Ebola Sierra Leone…s dark and quiet. I try not to think of Ebola. I just have one photo of my father… Ebola swept away Maria…dead. My mother was pregnant when she caught Ebola. My father had already died at the treatment

John Warland | RHS Shows

John Warland is a World Vision child sponsor and award winning garden designer. John created the World Vision garden that will be at the Chelsea and Hampton Court RHS Shows this summer.
aftermath of the Nepalese earthquake and the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone. As we were breaki… it was the ensuing Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone that is behind the

Ups and downs | Helping Ebola orphans in an uncertain future

Ten-year-old Musu lost both of her parents and her little brother to Ebola. Shortly after, Musu and her sister Maria began showing symptoms of the virus. The sisters received treatment and moved in with their uncle, where they have daily chores to help him get by. The girls are still adjusting to their lives without their family, and faced stigma upon returning to school.
s book explaining what Ebola is. The primary school student doesn…ne. When her parents lost their battle to Ebola last year… But then Ebola came to Musu

‘I have a reason to smile again’ | Safe childbirth in Sierra Leone

Nancy is overjoyed to have safely given birth to her second child. She lost her first child last year due to complications and lack of proper medical care. Sitting on her hospital bed in the local clinic that World Vision has equipped, Nancy can’t stop looking at her beautiful new daughter and smiling.
the Ebola epidemic. Although both crises are now offic…ty and deaths in childbirth. Prior to the Ebola outbreak the government of Sierra Leone was …hem were some of the almost 4000 who died of Ebola during the crisis. The Ebola emergency ha

Princess Charlotte’s first birthday | The view from Sierra Leone

As the media ramps up its coverage ahead of Princess Charlotte's first birthday tomorrow, Desiree Stewart, our Child Health Programmes Adviser, is reminded of another healthy little girl she met last week in Sierra Leone.
su was born in Sierra Leone in 2014 when the Ebola epidemic was spreading across the country. W…e unable to pay for the ambulance. Before Ebola began

Zika Virus Crisis Update

s and lessons learned from the fight against Ebola in West Africa over the past two years. For

Sierra Leone is "better equipped" to handle Ebola, says World Vision

World Vision’s response teams and ambulance fleet are on standby after Sierra Leone officials confirmed new Ebola case.
a Leone officials confirmed a new death from Ebola. The aid agency is on heightened alert as… a new Ebola case was reported the day after the World He

A New Destiny

Five-year-old Mohamed is a founding member of Destiny, the first children’s savings group in his community. Launched at the height of Sierra Leone’s Ebola crisis, Mohamed, along with a group of young friends worked to ensure they were looking ahead to a future after the crisis.
s Ebola crisis… up to 400 people per week were dying of Ebola across the country. The crisis claimed the l… no one died of Ebola in Mohamed…s village. Even before the Ebola crisis

Reconciliation after Ebola

World Vision's Stefanie Glinski recently travelled to Sierra Leone to meet Frances - a 10-year-old girl orphaned by Ebola. As the country is declared Ebola-free, Stefanie found that many survivors like Frances still carry the stigma of the disease.
Sierra Leone was finally declared Ebola orphaned by Ebolan her mum and dad lost the cruel battle with Ebola last year… and while the country is now Ebola free

Significant ‘Ebola Free’ milestone reached

Sierra Leone has been officially declared ‘Ebola free’ by the World Health Organisation (WHO), following one of the worst epidemics in recent history – claiming 3,589 lives in the country.
Ebola free… significant milestone has been reached. But Ebola has a track record and history of resurfacin…Ebola recovery efforts…d act to prevent themselves from contracting Ebola. None of the 58

Visiting progress and inching closer to the end of Ebola in Sierra Leone

As Sierra Leone inches closer to the end of the recent Ebola outbreak that has claimed almost 4,000 lives, WVUK's Celebrity Media Specialist, Siân Merrylees, recently visited our projects there to see for herself how World Vision has helped.
Leone inches closer to the end of the recent Ebola outbreak that has claimed almost 4…s theatre group is putting on a sketch about Ebola. It could seem slightly odd that they are ap

World Humanitarian Day: Massive challenges ahead as over 78 million people across 37 countries require humanitarian assistance

On World Humanitarian Day, we pay tribute to staff on the ground as our humanitarian aid workers share their thoughts.
Ebola Response I can still hear the guttural wa…k of providing safe and dignified burials to Ebola victims and others. Dressed in biohazard sui…000 Ebola orphans like Fatou in Sierra Leone

Meeting with Alice and Alfred | FGM and teen pregnancy during Ebola

World Vision's Zena John met with Alice and Alfred during the 2014 London Girls Summit. Alice and Alfred are teenagers from a district in the southern province of Sierra Leone where World Vision has worked for years, and they are passionate about seeing real change in their community.
West Africa The effects of Ebola on Sierra Leone will be felt long after the …country is declared Ebolad been visiting our Ebola response projects …ans. Alice explained that the outbreak of Ebola caused strains on the progress they had made

Ebola One Year on: Community partnerships draw West Africa closer to victory against deadly outbreak, says World Vision

One year since the worst Ebola outbreak was declared across West Africa, World Vision has hailed its collaborative work with Sierra Leone communities as being instrumental in averting the catastrophic spread of the virus.
One year since the worst Ebola outbreak was declared across West Africa…ed to achieve and maintain zero new cases of Ebola for months now. …We are winning the war on Ebola

Ebola - Maseray's Story

After surviving Ebola, Maseray's life was in ruins; her husband and sister had both succumbed to the virus and she didn't know whether she could support her remaining family. That's when she took action - becoming one of the first female burial workers in her district of Sierra Leone.
I am an Ebola survivor. My husband and my sister are not. …900 Ebola victims who have died in Sierra Leone in the…gan. Life as my family knew it ended when Ebola began. Before

‘G7 leaders are putting band-aids on symptoms,’ says World Vision

G7 leaders have missed an opportunity to stand up the world’s most vulnerable children.
se living in war and conflict Crises like EbolaEbolaAfter the horrors of Ebola but Ebola was only the tip of the iceberg. The G7 lead

G7: Last hope for the world's most vulnerable children

Ahead of the G7 summit, World Vision urges PM David Cameron to ensure the world’s most vulnerable children aren’t forgotten.
image that will illustrate the evidence that Ebola is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes

A view from the summit

Ahead of the G7 summit in Berlin, WV's Rob Henderson reflects on Britain's position in the world and how World Vision had made a real difference in the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone.
who was orphaned by Ebola this October. In the space of just a few wee…ponsors and donations from the public to our Ebola appeal. At the conference in Berlin in Ap

SMART Consortium Ebola Burial Teams Win Prestigious Bond International Humanitarian Award

World Vision-led SMART (Social Mobilisation and Respectful Burials Through faith-based alliance) consortium has won the prestigious Bond International Humanitarian Award for its efforts in stemming the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone.
rd for its efforts in stemming the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone. Photo…rs to conduct Safe and Dignified burials for Ebola victims across Sierra Leone. The teams have

Enduring the stigma - burial workers in Sierra Leone

We spoke to three burial workers in Sierra Leone who have all felt the prejudice held against people who work with Ebola. In spite of this, the drive to give victims a safe and dignified resting place, spurs them on.
000 victims of Ebola in Sierra Leone. …This pregnant woman had escaped from an Ebola quarantined home in Freetown… explaining that the bodies of Ebola victims are highly contagious. With suppo

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