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The Seed - Tegloma 2017 update

The Seed - Tegloma 2017 update
re grateful for the Ebola caregiver kits and water purification sachet…health unit continue to prevent Ebola

The Seed - Jaiama Bongor 2017 update

The Seed - Jaiama Bongor 2017 update
after Ebola Fatmata …Before Ebola came…I was so scared when Ebola came. My mother…Ebola would come to my house.…caught Ebola. Sometimes it was hard for her mum to save

Celebrity Supporters

We’re very grateful to have the support of several famous faces to promote the work we’re doing throughout the world.
Leone in 2015 to see our work following the Ebola outbreak. He made daily video blogs during t

Sierra Leone: UK must commit existing funds to child protection as cases of sex abuse rise

Sierra Leone: World Vision urges UK government to commit funds to child protection as cases of sexual abuse rise
currently recovering from serious Ebola outbreak…sive social and economic knocks following an Ebola outbreak that killed over 4 000 people and l… since the Ebola outbreak thousands of vulnerable young girls

Protecting children | Stopping sexual abuse in Sierra Leone

Two weeks ago, World Vision's Rob Henderson stepped off a plane and into a wall of humid, hot air in Sierra Leone. The reason for his visit was to show Mike Kane, former shadow minister for DFID, some of the successful work the UK helped to fund during the Ebola crisis, as well as to highlight the growing issue of sexual abuse...
ons still in evidence from the height of the Ebola outbreak…en working on advocacy and policy around the Ebola crisis for so long … the work DFID had helped to fund during the Ebola crisis

How savings saved Nico

During the Ebola outbreak

Statement in response to the announcement of new DFID Minister

World Vision reaction to the new DFID Minister, urging Ms Patel to not abandon the 0.7% aid commitment.
faith work and halting the spread of Ebola.She must continue Britain

"My children used to have to work" | Saving in the time of Ebola

10-year-old Fatmata was terrified when Ebola came to her village. Not only did it personally affect her, but the impact of closed schools and lost livelihoods were felt all across Sierra Leone. However, thanks to a mixture of radio lessons and savings groups, education was made to be accessible and affordable, in spite of the situation…
old Fatmata was terrified when Ebola came to her village. Not only did it persona…s sister died from Ebola. She lived across from us and I became even … joined the savings group shortly after Ebola came to their village. The group

"Regina has been alone since the death of her parents" | Coping with stigma in Sierra Leone

11-year-old Regina sits in front of her small mud house, wearing a colourful yellow dress that stands out against the grey backdrop. She leans against the wall next to her grandmother, who is balancing a little boy on her lap, but who can barely walk anymore. It has been just over a year since her parents died and Regina remembers that time as if it were yesterday…
oice. Her life has drastically changed since Ebola came to her community. …s been living with her grandmother since the Ebola outbreak. Every morning before school

World Vision garden wins gold medal at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show

World Vision UK’s garden at the prestigious Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (HCPFS) has won the coveted gold medal today.
such as the Ebola and Zika …s work in Sierra Leone throughout the Ebola crisis. He hopes that when visitors see the …ee countries that were affected by the worst Ebola outbreak in history last year. The outbreak

The rise & fall of Ebola | Reflections on our World Vision garden

Award-winning garden designer John Warland created the World Vision garden that recently won a silver-gilt award at this years’ Chelsea Flower Show. A long-term child sponsor of Ronald in Bolivia, this year John wanted to create a garden that reflected the positive impact of World Vision's work. Ahead of Hampton Court RHS Show this summer, he explains the concepts that bring the garden together…
lives and the threat of Ebola in Sierra Leone… who lost her family to Ebola. She now lives with her uncle but struggles

"Things were very different before" | Visiting a savings group in Sierra Leone

After three days following the local women’s savings group in Jaiama Bongor, Sierra Leone, Kate Shaw was eager to speak to a family to find out the difference their mother’s new investments had made for them. After a morning at the farm and processing cassava last week, she drove down a few streets to speak to one mother and daughter, Mariama and 12-year-old Mabel...
Before Ebola but during EbolaMy brother died of Ebola in Kenema… when asked how Ebola affected her. Mariama… Ebola

The impact of Ebola on change and protection

As an advocate for change in her country, 17-year-old Alice felt the impact of the Ebola crisis twice; not only did it affect her family and peers on a personal level, it also slowed the rate of change and support she could give to vulnerable girls in her community. She describes how upsetting it was to see girls as young as 14 falling pregnant, and how we can still work together to support those in need…
spirations and progresses were halted by the Ebola crisis. My heart could bleed. My mind cou…inst such issues as we had done prior to the Ebola crisis. But with Ebola

"Now, they need shoes, we buy shoes" | Visiting a savings group in Sierra Leone

Last week I travelled with blogger Annie to Sierra Leone to visit one of our child sponsorship projects there and hear from the community about the effects Ebola has had on their lives. One of the most inspiring stories to come from the epidemic was that of a local women’s savings group who had banded together to make sure their families did not go hungry during the crisis...
nd hear from the community about the effects Ebola has had on their lives. One of the most insp… but when markets closed during Ebola and they were struggling to support themselv

Hearing from the Kids Club | Pregnancies and education in the time of Ebola

Together with Annie of Fable and Folk, our Social Media Manager Kate recently had the opportunity to visit our child sponsorship work in Jaiama Bongor, Sierra Leone. Inspired by Alice’s stories of change through Kids’ Clubs, Kate and Annie spoke to the local group in one village to hear how the Ebola crisis has affected their work.
e local group in one village to hear how the Ebola crisis has affected their work. …Before EbolaOne time before Ebolam to the appropriate authorities. But during Ebola

World Vision leads the way in Ebola crisis

World Vision has supported more than 1.5million people whose lives were devastated by the Ebola virus, the charity’s latest Impact Report reveals today.
on people whose lives were devastated by the Ebola virus…The Ebola crisis is a prominent example of the real im

Taking the most vulnerable under their wing

oming the voice of their community. But once Ebola struck… the group is stronger than ever. During the Ebola outbreak… but neighbouring ones too. Just as Ebola doesn