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South Sudan’s children face combined risks: poverty, malnutrition and COVID-19 

Here we meet Paska, an extraordinary girl, who has become carer to her three younger siblings at the age of just 11. 
conflict and drought have combined to endanger children’s lives

'I was almost a child bride' | Rahila's story

While both girls and boys can be subjected to child marriage, girls are disproportionately affected due to cultural traditions which reinforce gender discrimination.
another village three years ago because of drought and insecurity. There was fighting between

Southern Africa Food Crisis

Right now, children and families across southern Africa are facing starvation and urgently need your help. Around 12 million people are caught up in one of the largest hunger crises ever to affect southern Africa.
supplies stretched thin by one of the worst droughts in four decades.   The crisis is set to

World Vision ready to respond to devastating Mozambique cyclone

Emergency supplies have been rushed to Mozambique, where World Vision is preparing to respond to devastating Cyclone Idai.
drought. The floods and cyclone’s impact will set




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Supporting Sudan Farmers

supporting farmers to grow more drought resistant

World Vision UK launches 2017 Impact Report as charity launches two aid delivery mechanisms

International children’s charity, World Vision UK has today published a new report detailing the impact of its work in 2017.

Urgent aid needed to avert humanitarian catastrophe in Somalia

World Vision urges the UK government to put pressure on the international community to respond urgently to the hunger crisis in Somalia before it’s too late.
are grappling with a hunger crisis caused by drought and conflict. You can help children

David’s trip to Mozambique

It was humbling to end the day being thanked by the community for the support World Vision has provided over the years. I now pass on a big thank you for to all of you who have faithfully supported our work here in Mozambique.
agricultural products as they now use better drought resistance

As Ethiopia faces catastrophic drought, more girls are forced into early marriages

Alarming levels of food shortages caused by prolonged droughts in Ethiopia are forcing more girls into early marriages, international aid agency World Vision has revealed.
levels of food shortages caused by prolonged droughts in Ethiopia are forcing more girls into … aid agency World Vision has revealed. Drought in Ethiopia is affecting 8.5 million and

World Vision condemns eviction of displaced people in Somalia

International children’s charity World Vision has denounced a government offensive against internally displaced people on the outskirts of the Somali capital, Mogadishu.
housed families who have fled fighting and drought in parts of the country. World Vision … Nyabwengi explained. The ongoing drought and conflicts in Somalia continue to

Brighter Future

Brighter future appeal
can help us train one farmer to manage drought and feed their family

Sharing seeds, sparking connection

We all start off as strangers. It’s random connections or, perhaps, a higher power that brings people together. With some, we connect and build bonds. We nurture family relationships and develop friendships that span years. With others, we are mere ships in the night, passing by – attending the same places and interacting with the same people, but the proverbial fire never ignites.
which is responding to the drought and conflict. Millions in eastern Africa … the second time because of drought. In … or stricken by drought are not victims. They do not want to rely on

Arthur's Trip to Ethiopia

Humbo has definitely been a highlight of the visit. It gives hope this part of Ethiopia has tremendous potential and will not endlessly suffer drought after drought if we learn from what has happened here. Hopefully one day, Mamiye and his family won’t have to be the recipients of food aid every year as this kind of approach is expanded.
drought excited to see the tribes and drought response. Day 2 We stayed a night in … Vision had drilled in the area during the drought. We met … water from the well. She told us during the drought she had carried water 5km each

Pulling children from the clutches of malnutrition in Somalia

World Vision, together with the World Food Programme, has provided 16,612 children and 5,684 mothers with ready use supplementary foods and a monthly rations of nutrition packs jammed full of protein, vitamins and essential minerals to help malnourished children gain weight and become healthy.
drought killed all of the family’s goats and cattle. … who have been affected by the ongoing drought. Water points have evaporated. Crops have … says that the drought has forced mothers

Sleeping into death - the cost of drought in Kenya

Baby Akusi was showing visible signs of wasting when she was brought to the clinic in Turkana County, Kenya. Her mother, Lomukuny, was worried by her orange hair and diarrhoea
the drought living through drought and conflict. Children like … a nightmare. Drought has bred conflict over … animals. The remaining animals died from the drought. Lomukuny was left a single mother of

Farmers in Kenya’s ‘bread basket’ region grapple with armyworm invasion

As millions of Kenyan farmers seek to recover from the double crisis of severe drought and floods triggered by an El Niño weather phenomenon, they now face a new threat: the fall armyworm.
to recover from the double crisis of severe drought and floods triggered by an El Niño weather … most of the country is suffering from a drought that has left about 2.7 million people in

Thousands of children at risk as cases of cholera spike across Horn of Africa

Thousands of children are at risk of cholera and other diseases following heavy rains in the Horn of Africa, humanitarian organisation World Vision warns today.
The outbreak comes on top of a prolonged drought and hunger crisis affecting 22 million … water during the drought. Recent rainfall is spreading this dirty

DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal raises £40 million

World Vision UK has today welcomed the £40 million raised by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal for East Africa.
and Ethiopia is battling a new wave of drought following the strongest El Niño on record.