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The joy of being a sponsor

Buddha Gurung travels to Albania to meet the little girl, Liza, who he sponsors with World Vision UK
up and as these special kids opened up their Christmas

A meeting of two worlds

Norman and Christine travelled all the way to the high mountains in Bolivia to meet Nilda, who they have sponsored for over 6 years with World Vision UK.
made the Earth seem smaller.  Birthday and Christmas cards will be so much more meaningful.  

Enduring the stigma - burial workers in Sierra Leone

We spoke to three burial workers in Sierra Leone who have all felt the prejudice held against people who work with Ebola. In spite of this, the drive to give victims a safe and dignified resting place, spurs them on.
given breakfast and lunch every day. During Christmas we even received a bonus. I am able to send

Helping to restore dignity

An important step in fighting Ebola is the ability to attend to victims quickly, offering safe burials to prevent further infection. As the only female burial worker in her district, Elizabeth sees a need for more females to help preserve a woman's dignity prior to burial - in a job role usually filled by men.
People were allowed to attend church on Christmas home immediately after services to celebrate Christmas at home with their families. When we spoke

A decade on - the Boxing Day tsunami

A decade ago today, a massive undersea earthquake triggered a tsunami that affected 12 countries and took the lives of more than 230,000 people. In response to the disaster World Vision launched its largest ever relief operation across five countries simultaneously. Ten years on, we’ve gathered a collection of stories from staff and survivors to tell you the tale of destruction, loss, and rebuilding.
flew to Sri Lanka to surprise my mother for Christmas. My aim was to spend time with a few members … family and sun myself on a beach somewhere. Christmas Eve was spent cheerfully wrapping up

Christmas at my home

Ersjona is nine years old and lives with her family in Lezha, Albania. Like most children around the world, Christmas is a time of magic and celebration so we recently asked Ersjona to write a letter to sponsors in the UK, explaining what Christmas means to her, and how she celebrates with her family.
Christmas is a time of magic and celebration for … Christmas season is magic and there is love to be … explaining what Christmas means to … Celebrating Christmas is the greatest joy of mine. I love it

Christmas in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, Christmas is celebrated on 7 January, and is a quiet time of sharing and celebrating in groups of friends and family. Ten year old Ermias explains happily, “Holidays mean so much to us. We cannot think of a Christmas without new clothes, celebrations at school, church and home with our families and friends.”
Christmas is celebrated on 7 … mean so much to us. We cannot think of a Christmas without new … Christmas is one of the most colourful holidays … Christmas

Christmas in an Andean community

As the year draws to an end, the weather in the area finally improves. It gets just a little bit warmer, birds sing with increasing stridency and the fields are green thanks to the rain that falls like a blessing, watering the semi-arid area. I’m in a small community in Northern Potosí, Bolivia as its residents prepare for the year-end activities.
some people who remain in the community. Christmas is a time for traditions passed down from … the community. Vicente slowly explains the Christmas traditions in

What do children in South Sudan eat for breakfast?

Next Monday marks one year since the fighting in South Sudan resumed. The worst fighting came on Boxing Day, when families fled the cosy aftermath of Christmas celebrations for makeshift refugee camps. Intermittent fighting and displacement have disrupted the planting and harvesting cycle, and as fields lie fallow and farmers are scared away, the spectre of hunger looms. Inspired by the recent New York Times piece What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast, we asked, what do children in South Sudan eat for breakfast?
when families fled the cosy aftermath of Christmas celebrations for makeshift refugee camps.

World Vision distribution starts today in Tacloban

World Vision assessment teams are on the ground in Tacloban as we start distribution for 2,500 families.
will have the same Christmas last and this year. But I am still thankful

Happiness on Christmas Day

17 year-old-Chenda is rebuilding her life after suffering from years of sexual exploitation, and has been staying at World Vision Cambodia’s Trauma Recovery Centre for more than a year. This year is Chenda’s second Christmas celebration at the centre.
second Christmas celebration at the centre. Standing with … next to a pile of colourful gifts and a Christmas are cheerfully celebrating their second Christmas. 17

The road to Mandalay

World Vision artist ambassador Dave Bilbrough recently visited his sponsored child Myo in Myanmar, and was incredibly encouraged by all the positive work he saw in the community there.
chords. Myo also brought out the letters and Christmas cards we had sent him over the

Matthew's First Christmas

Nadene recently travelled to South Sudan and the overwhelmed Malakal Refugee Camp where she was heartbroken to hear the stories of people living there.
they fled. Matthew had just had his first Christmas. His mum says … bought him for Christmas. She and her husband put him to bed and went … cotton nightdresses testament to the day Christmas joy turned into horror. Mary could never

Mud, Mosquitoes and Malakal's Children of War

World Vision UK CEO, Justin Byworth, has recently returned from a trip to see the dramatic, life-threatening impact that the conflict in South Sudan is having on more than half of its population. A few weeks ago he visited Malakal, a sleepy provincial town that has been almost obliterated, where he listened to survivor’s stories.
Teresa told us how she fled Malakal on Christmas eve.

South Sudan: Not the Independence Day Celebration Anyone Hoped For

The situation is South Sudan is worsening. While the country marks the 3rd anniversary of its independence, nearly half the population is in need of urgent assistance. This is not the Independence Day anyone hoped for.
just as families were planning to celebrate Christmas. … my heart full of hope. Now war is back. At Christmas last year we had no food or water. If we

Three Years On: Is There Any Hope for the Children of Syria?

World Vision communicator Meg Sattler reflects on three years of conflict and an overwhelming feeling that nobody cares. But we know that people do, and she tells us "A global effort for peace is not impossible."

"That was me when I was younger" - reflections on an encounter in Lebanon

When Heidi met Mais in a refugee camp in Lebanon she was surprised to find a bubbly, friendly young woman facing a new life outside her home country. But that doesn't mean Mais doesn't fully understand the reality of the situation she finds herself in.
for Christmas. My cousins and I used to create a tent to

How Does My Letter Get To My Sponsored Child?

When she visited Bolivia late last year, Reka decided to track exactly what process your cards and letters go through to reach your sponsored children all over the world. It's far more complicated than you might think!
Every year in the build up to Christmas we get a lot of questions about why we need … try to remember to send them a birthday and Christmas card each … as you all send your Christmas cards back for your sponsored children who

No Home, No Roof, But Not Hopeless

Jonny Spence, World Vision International's Support Services Manager for the Typhoon Haiyan response, shares the mixed feelings of leaving the people of the Philippines to return home to his young family for Christmas, and of the hope he sees on the ground.
out to the Philippines in the weeks before Christmas trying to prepare for the celebrations of Christmas and the renewed hope 2014 … World Vision International Christmas is coming

A Mother's Life In The Evacuation Centre

Not content with a simple recovery from the worst storm in history, the people of Estancia have also had to deal with evacuation from what's left of their homes thanks to an oil spill. This is just one family's story of life in the evacuation centre, and how they refuse to lose hope.
Hopes for Christmas Emilyn breaks down as she recalls this … I look into our tent and cry as Christmas approaches. I honestly do not know what to