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Charity calls on Stratford shoppers to send messages of hope to refugee children

Children’s charity World Vision is asking shoppers to stop at its stall in Stratford and send a message of hope to child refugees in Uganda.
messages of hope throughout the Christmas season and deliver them to refugee children … to drop in the box and pass on a Christmas wish to children who have lost everything.

“The war made us come here.”

After fleeing conflict in South Sudan and making the harrowing journey to Uganda, Sarah and her sisters finally feel safe. World Vision found the children a foster mother and child protection staff ensure they have enough to eat.
and everyone of them deserves happiness this Christmas. Find out how you can support our work

British bears bring Christmas joy to refugee children in Africa

A motley crew of 700 British teddy bears today brought a sprinkling of Christmas joy to refugee children in Northern Uganda, the majority of whom have lost everything.
teddy bears today brought a sprinkling of Christmas joy to refugee children in Northern

Burundi: One million children at risk of contracting malaria by Christmas

Up to a million more children are likely to contract malaria before Christmas in Burundi, World Vision warns today.

Bears on Stairs

700 children flee conflict in South Sudan and cross over the border into Uganda every week. Alone, sick or separated from their parents. Stand with the children #BearsOnStairs.
Uganda to give the children a little bit of Christmas joy. We asked people to show their support

Typhoon Nock: World Vision deploys assessment team to worst affected districts as thousands are evacuated

World Vision has deployed an assessment team to ten of the most affected districts in the Philippines after a late-season typhoon roared ashore.
more remained in their homes and endured a Christmas night of severe weather as Typhoon

Light up Syria’s dark days with a message of hope

Aleppo’s destruction has left Syrian children facing some of their darkest days yet. We also know that Aleppo is only one of many besieged cities in Syria and another 400,000 people may be living in similar, if not worse situations.
During the Christmas period people are being asked to place a … stand with them. This is especially true at Christmas and New Year when the stark reality of what

Fleeing Aleppo: one family’s story of leaving the war-torn city

The fighting in Aleppo has intensified, but the evacuations of families from Eastern Aleppo has been suspended. Before the suspension, 8,000 families escaped on buses. Many left without any belongings or food. The UN believes at least 2,700 children were among the evacuees. Some left without their parents.
  We are asking everyone this Christmas to show the children of Syria they do not

Emmanuel, the 11-year-old South Sudan presidential hopeful

11-year-old Emmanuel wants to be the president of South Sudan. The reason, he tells me, is “to bring peace to my country.”
an outbreak of fighting just before Christmas 2013.

Christmas Appeal

Please help prevent malnutrition in vulnerable children. Just £20 could feed a child for two months. A steady supply of emergency food could save their life.
malnutrition in vulnerable children this Christmas. Your gift today will mean that children

Christmas Appeal

Millions of refugee children have lost everything to hunger, poverty, persecution, or violence – and now to coronavirus. They urgently need your help this Christmas.
Please give hope to a refugee child this Christmas Millions of refugee children across our … belonging that comes from having a home this Christmas. Children like

Bikes, chickens, and menstrual pads | Educating girls in Zimbabwe

Bikes, chickens, and menstrual pads - just a few of the things improving life in Sanzukwi ADP in Zimbabwe. When sponsor Claire Bardsley visited, she saw signs of drought and hardship, but also signs of encouragement and hope...
like every first Christmas I’ve witnessed. Everyone is running around

Four Lessons from Ethiopia

Tim Bousfield travels with a group from Hitchin Church to visit and say a final farewell to the children they have sponsored for years in Addis ADP in Ethiopia
on the assortment of items like it was Christmas day. Not nearly as profound as the

Fleeing fire in Malakal: Aban's story

On 9 July 2011 South Sudan gained independence after a long period of upset and turbulence, and families were looking forward to a return to peace. Barely two years later in December 2013 however, thousands fled their homes as sectarian violence spread, and spent the first of many Christmas’ on the run. For some, the violence has even followed them to the camps where they sought refuge; on 18 February 2016, 70% of the UN Protection of Civilians site in Malakal burnt to the ground. In this blog, we share the story of 13-year-old Aban, who had been living in Malakal since 2013.
violence spread and spent the first of many Christmas’ on the run.

Pancakes around the world

While not every country celebrates Shrove Tuesday, pancakes and flatbreads form a staple diet in many of the countries we work in. Whether it's lunchtime pancakes in the Philippines enjoyed by Kenneth and his friends, or 'injera' flatbread eaten by siblings Dawit and Fikeraddis in Ethiopia, we're taking a look at how this simple treat is eaten around the world.
but during the Christmas holidays they get the opportunity to make

Sponsor a child - Childhood

Sponsor a child and change their life for good

Our pumpkin carriage tour | Carve a Heart 2015

Hot on the trail of our Carve a Heart pumpkin carriage, PR Natalie blogs about the journey as she travels around the country this week. She's urging Britons to carve a heart in their pumpkins this year, and turn a night of fear into a night of hope.
with World Vision instead of buying extra Christmas gifts this festive season. Thanks so much

An Unforgettable Day in India

Philip and Sally travelled to India to meet Saloni, their sponsored child.
we had brought showing our family in our Christmas jumpers. Not long after this we bid

Reflections on meeting Roland

Duncan's reflections on meeting Roland, his sponsored child, in Albania