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UK Child Sponsors Zoom from Newcastle to India

Mark and Christine from Newcastle, met their sponsored child in India during lockdown. The virtual visit is a new way to meet your sponsored child. See how it went.
Mark remembers how their child sponsorship started a decade ago and what it means to

Being a child sponsor has changed my life, forever

Renee became a child sponsor hoping to make a difference to a child in poverty. Read her story of how Child Sponsorship brings change and joy to her life too.
Child Sponsorship

Anuradha: More than a child bride

At just 13, marriage and motherhood seemed to end Anuradha’s hope of becoming a teacher. Now 23, she’s set to be more than she dreamed. How did she do it?
to become more than their circumstances. Child sponsorship funds vital programmes so vulnerable

How to support your child through the first COVID Christmas

Christmas 2020 is going to be a bit different. Find ideas for new Christmas traditions and ways to help your child deal with the uncertainty and changes this year.

Friends, Worlds Apart

Lizzie received a very special early Christmas gift when World Vision arranged a breakthrough virtual visit with her sponsored child six-year-old Odalis in Honduras.

My Christmas wish

Victor’s Christmas wish has come true – this is the first winter he’ll be warm at night. Now his prayer is that his friends will get the same help he’s had.
with his community and he became part of the Child Sponsorship programme. Our work here is tackling the

All I want for Christmas is ... my first cup of clean water

Christmas 2020 can be a Christmas of firsts for a vulnerable child, like Akuamoah. That first drink of clean water changes more than you might think.
has seen how Child Sponsorship is transforming healthcare in the … a health clinic but World Vision Child Sponsorship supported the community to make sure there

A world of firsts: Transformed by sponsorship

Becoming a sponsored child helped Saru in Nepal to build a brighter future, out of poverty. Now 20, she’s helping the next generation in her community.
she was selected for Child Sponsorship through World Vision. SPONSOR A CHILD … Child Sponsorship programme changed her

A world of firsts: First step to a big dream

At just 13 years old, Nahomy, dreams of opening the first clinic in her remote community. Child Sponsorship is helping.
harvest coffee. Through the World Vision Child Sponsorship

A world of firsts: clean water is just the start

Child sponsorship opened a world of firsts for Isata.
Vision partnered with her community through child sponsorship. World Vision helped restore a water point

Jackson: Becoming more than he ever dreamt

Jackson is living proof that the simple act of sponsoring a child can open up their future to more than they ever thought possible.

Beirut’s children describe deadly blast

First-hand accounts of Beirut's explosion, from the children who live there. Plus, how you can help them today.
to 561 children who are registered in our child sponsorship programme. Our teams are visiting the areas

Thirsty for change

In 2020, handwashing is more important than ever. This August, we can bring vital clean water to children like Ireen.
manages child sponsorship in Ireen’s community with empathy and a … Mereena has witnessed the changes child sponsorship brings. One of the most immediate impacts

Child sponsorship FAQs

Child sponsorship FAQs How it works What is child … How does child sponsorship cycle of poverty. Find out more about how Child Sponsorship works.   I just want to help a

Christmas Charities - How can I help charities this Christmas?

Christmas is a time for charity and generosity, and you can help those struggling this festive season. Find out how to help give children a Christmas this year.
them free from child labour and danger. Child Sponsorship means that you’ll be the child’s only … Child Sponsorship is a great gift to yourself or a family

Sponsor a child for Christmas | The Gift that Lasts a Lifetime

This Christmas YOU can change a child's life - for good. Give a child a Christmas of firsts, sponsor today to give them clean water, food, warmth, and hope.
Christmas of Firsts to a child in need with Child Sponsorship.  This Christmas could be the first time a … and community sponsor today. How does Child Sponsorship


overseas mission. This is Child Sponsorship with a twist

World Vision seeks sponsors to give girls in poverty a fighting chance

International children’s charity World Vision UK is looking for people to support the movement for gender equality by sponsoring1000 girls in developing countries.