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Our Call to Action to 2019 General Election candidates

Our Call to Action to 2019 General Election candidates. Use your voice for the most vulnerable children

World Vision seeks sponsors to give girls in poverty a fighting chance

International children’s charity World Vision UK is looking for people to support the movement for gender equality by sponsoring1000 girls in developing countries.

She's someone else's property: a father's story

True gender equality means we’re all in it together. In India these men are redefining gender roles and protecting girls from child marriage and violence.
their daughters and protect them from child marriage. Men Care Whispers cut through the

Empowering girls against child marriage

Across the world, girls are standing up for their rights and creating a better future for women. Discover girls’ stories of extraordinary everyday courage.
I was fully aware of the adverse effects of child marriage and its serious effects. So I refused. … been able to stop two child marriages

My fairy-tale, their horror story

A wedding day that could have been so different. Temwa from Malawi has just married the man of her dreams – but other girls from her home face a very different idea of ‘bride.’
15. This is one of the highest rates of child marriage in the world. The harrowing truth

International Day of the Girl

Child Marriage’ 2013 … protection from violence and put a stop to child marriage.  Use the hashtag

How modern slavery is destroying childhoods

World Vision UK's Erica Hall on the crisis of children who are forced into horrifying exploitation.

Child marriage

Forced Child Marriage commonly occurs across the world. Read our guide to find out the effects of child marriage and what we can do together to help.
education and healthcare.  An insight into child marriage across the world What is forced child … Child marriage is a union between two … valid consent. This is also known as forced child marriage

It Takes A World

We believe it takes a world to end violence against children. Join our global movement. It takes a world. It takes you.

Tania's story: Head of the family but still a child

Instead of going to school, Tania spent many of her days peeling piles of icy shrimp - squatting for eight-hour shifts at a local fish depot.

Rohingya refugee crisis: One year on, children still living in limbo

One year after arriving in Bangladesh, 890,000 children and adults are still living in limbo in the world’s largest refugee camp.
child marriage and drug

Girls Not Brides: Ending child marriage for good

This week, the Girls Not Brides conference was held in Malaysia, the largest ever meeting of advocates committed to ending child marriage.
meeting of advocates committed to ending child marriage.

Advocating for a world where no girls are victims of child marriage

Meghla escaped child marriage when she was 13 and has been working to change attitudes in her community ever since.
for the girls who are the victims of child marriage in my community. In the area where I … campaigns to protect children from child marriage.   … me to be aware of the negative impact of child marriage and I am now very committed to stopping it. 

Children born of rape in war: Jacob's story

Jacob is 17 years old. He should be enjoying school and thinking about his future, but instead his short life has been marred by struggle.

The only ring on young girls' minds should be from the school bell

Every year, 15 million girls under the age of 18 are married - but how can we stop it? It takes a world.
is a key factor in the fight back against child marriage. When there are education and employment … the number of child marriages declines. Every year of secondary

Boris Johnson, phone booths and crazy weather: London through the eyes of Bangladeshi teens

Two youth leaders from Bangladesh - Al-Amin Bepary and Tanzim Tabassum Tithi - spent one week in London, taking part in the Commonwealth Youth Forum earlier in April.

The young people fighting for change in Bangladesh

World Vision Young Leader Tanzim Tabassum Tithi writes and discusses the issues children face in Bangladesh and the change they're making.
unlikely to achieve their goals in life. Child marriage is a very common issue in Bangladesh where I … has helped stop approximately 22 child marriages from taking place and enabled these young

Under-18s 'should take part' in the Commonwealth Youth Forum

"Why are young people aged 15-18 excluded from the Commonwealth Youth Forum in London?" Al-Amin Bepary, from Bangladesh, asks.
Bangladesh has the fourth highest rate of child marriage in the world. Poverty is one of the … reasons for child marriage. Other problems have been the result of

As Ethiopia faces catastrophic drought, more girls are forced into early marriages

Alarming levels of food shortages caused by prolonged droughts in Ethiopia are forcing more girls into early marriages, international aid agency World Vision has revealed.
is fuelling cases of child marriage as farmers’ incomes plunge … know that child marriage is perpetuated by

Ending Child Marriage

Hi there. My name is Fatou. I’m 17 and I’ve just received my A levels!! I live in a the western part of Senegal. Thanks to one of my teachers in school, M. Senghor, I have been working with and supporting World Vision for about 4 years now. I am a peer educator in their child protection programme and also am lucky enough to be one of the YOUNG LEADERS group, a young activist group of 16 countries created by World Vision International.
especially child marriage. This campaign … the horrors and harmful consequences of child marriage. And … we have been able to stop more than 10 child marriages in my community in meeting with local