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World Vision launches campaign to end abuses that keep children from school

As millions of children remain out of school around the world, World Vision UK today launches its “Empty Classrooms, Broken Futures” campaign.
child marriage and child labour … has put four million extra girls at risk of child marriage over the next two

Beirut blast: 6 months on, half a million children at risk of child marriage and forced labour

Over half a million children are at risk of child labour and child marriage as their families struggle six months on from the Beirut blast, World Vision warns today.
children are at risk of child labour and child marriage as their families struggle six months on

5 reasons children are back in school

One way or another, children around the world are getting back into education. Find the top 5 reasons why it matters.
a very real increased risk of violence and child marriage.

Anuradha: More than a child bride

At just 13, marriage and motherhood seemed to end Anuradha’s hope of becoming a teacher. Now 23, she’s set to be more than she dreamed. How did she do it?
says Anuradha. Anuradha was just 13 when child marriage said Krishna. Stopping child marriages Anuradha also soon realised how the … legally deal with cases of child abuse and child marriage. Since several girls had a good

Our heroes of 2020: Finding strength by helping others

A look back at some of the most inspirational people we've seen this year.
as well as child abuse including child marriage. Obaidur believes that with good … child marriages and community quarrels in their community.

Fighting climate change

Extreme weather makes children like Naaman ever more vulnerable. Kenyan communities are working together to battle climate change and feed their children.
also evidence that child marriage increases in places where climate change is

UK youth advocate stands up for child brides

World Vision UK Youth Advocate, Asini, tells us how learning about child marriage has affected her – and why sharing is the key to change.
Raising a toast against child marriage As a student at Surrey … presenting to my Microsoft colleagues about child marriage. When I was asked to select a topic for

A world of firsts: Transformed by sponsorship

Becoming a sponsored child helped Saru in Nepal to build a brighter future, out of poverty. Now 20, she’s helping the next generation in her community.
Saru takes part in a street drama about child marriage  … awareness activities against child marriage and child labour. Saru speaks to children

Girl power: Protecting each other in tough times

Lockdown in India made girls more vulnerable to child marriage. But groups of girls protect their friends and prevent marriage from stealing their childhoods.
there because we got information about a child marriage. All we had to do was check the documents of … was clear that it was a case of child marriage. We had to stand firm and tell the family

Child marriage through children's eyes

A story of early marriage, drawn by children.
by Manusher Jonno Foundation finding that child marriage has increased sharply in … Vision's programme areas draw scenes from a child marriage. The child bride Wedding day The

“If I had a magic wand” - a girl’s dream to break free of child marriage

Child Protection expert, Aimyleen Gabriel, looks at the links between a lack of basics - like water - and rising child marriage cases.
father to postpone the marriage. Whilst child marriage can also be common among … There is an end to child marriage There is an end to child marriage

Child sponsorship FAQs

protecting children from child marriage and


Together Amen - July 2020
or child marriage. Protecting vulnerable children While … children at risk from malnutrition or even child marriage. Prayers to survive and thrive As in the

Rohingya refugee dads unite to protect children from violence  

Obaidur, a respected Rohingya camp leader, believes that with good teaching, men can create positive change in the heart of the coronavirus crisis.
including child marriage. Child marriage is a cultural tradition among the Rohingya … together we can stop child marriage.

Parents turn to violence as coronavirus bites around world

Up to 85 million more children face physical, sexual and emotional violence at home and in their communities over the next three months, as COVID-19 spreads worldwide.
World Vision predicts an increase in child marriage and child labour as financial difficulties

Coronavirus: Plans for a unique humanitarian response

Isabel Gomes, World Vision's Global Director of Humanitarian Operations, shares how World Vision is responding to the coronavirus outbreak.
sexual exploitation or child marriage becomes much greater. The impact of

'I was almost a child bride' | Rahila's story

While both girls and boys can be subjected to child marriage, girls are disproportionately affected due to cultural traditions which reinforce gender discrimination.
their age. Some of the highest rates of child marriage are in countries impacted by … child marriage is illegal … my father about the negative consequences of child marriage and what Islam has mentioned about child

Our Call to Action to 2019 General Election candidates

Our Call to Action to 2019 General Election candidates. Use your voice for the most vulnerable children

World Vision seeks sponsors to give girls in poverty a fighting chance

International children’s charity World Vision UK is looking for people to support the movement for gender equality by sponsoring1000 girls in developing countries.

She's someone else's property: a father's story

True gender equality means we’re all in it together. In India these men are redefining gender roles and protecting girls from child marriage and violence.
their daughters and protect them from child marriage. Men Care Whispers cut through the