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Update: World Vision's Regional Syria Crisis Response

The conflict in Syria has now been going on for more than three years. Here's an update on our effort in the region thus far.

World Vision Welcomes the Announcement of the Gaza Ceasefire

World Vision calls for ceasefire to hold to address the urgent needs of children and to provide urgent aid delivery.
Child Friendly Spaces in addition to support for about

World Vision Statement on End of Ceasefire

World Vision is deeply concerned that the resumption of conflict in Gaza and Israel will cause even greater suffering for children.
possible. This included the establishment of child friendly spaces to provide much needed psychosocial support.

One Child is Too Many

Before the latest outbreak of violence, World Vision Jerusalem West Bank Gaza (JWG) had been running child sponsorship programmes; much like World Vision UK does in twenty countries around the world. Like most children in Gaza, over the past month some World Vision JWG sponsored children have lost their lives and all are now in need of psychological first aid.

Knowing when you have to hide

As the conflict in Gaza continues, Alex Snary, Director of World Vision’s Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza office, prepares to address children’s emotional trauma once again.
World Vision was winding down the Child Friendly Spaces we’d established in Gaza in response to the … have stopped flying can we reopen our Child Friendly Spaces and conduct a full assessment to begin

Mud, Mosquitoes and Malakal's Children of War

World Vision UK CEO, Justin Byworth, has recently returned from a trip to see the dramatic, life-threatening impact that the conflict in South Sudan is having on more than half of its population. A few weeks ago he visited Malakal, a sleepy provincial town that has been almost obliterated, where he listened to survivor’s stories.

South Sudan: Not the Independence Day Celebration Anyone Hoped For

The situation is South Sudan is worsening. While the country marks the 3rd anniversary of its independence, nearly half the population is in need of urgent assistance. This is not the Independence Day anyone hoped for.

"The Flood Is Like A Thief": How World Vision Is Helping Solomon Islanders

28-year-old mother Rebecca tell a World Vision volunteer about escaping the flash floods that have affected more than 52,000 people and how they will be getting their lives back on track.
World Vision will also be seting up Child Friendly Spaces in the coming days in selected evacuations


personal and household supplies and Child Friendly Spaces for children to play and learn informally. 7 Child Friendly Spaces have been opened recently. These are safe

DR Congo

creating child friendly spaces and reintegrating internally displaced


and child trafficking. We operate four Child Friendly Spaces

Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza

You helped us raise over £290,000 for the Gaza Crisis Appeal.


Child protection We have set up child friendly spaces for children to safely learn informally.

Priceless Coloured Paper: Why Child-Friendly Spaces Are Vital For Recovery

Once the immediate aftermath of a major emergency like Typhoon Haiyan has past, there is still a huge amount of work to be done, not least in getting the people affected back on their feet. World Vision's child-friendly spaces help children like Harvy to find ways to express themselves and discuss their fears in a safe and supportive environment.

What Does A Lost Generation Mean For The Children Of Syria

Our CEO Justin Byworth reflects on the people he met and the stories he heard while visiting Lebanon in the lead up to the 3rd anniversary of the Syria crisis. He explains why we must stand with the children of Syria and take action to help bring peace.

Back To School In The Philippines

As the new year broke, many children who had been out of school since Typhoon Haiyan hit have been able to return to lessons for the first time.
tents used for Child Friendly Spaces continue to be used for

Typhoon Haiyan: aid agencies must ensure response reflects children's needs

Relief efforts to help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan must be shaped more by the views of children, a report from leading aid agencies including World Vision says today.
Philippines. The agency is also running 24 Child Friendly Spaces

Child Friendly Spaces

Child Friendly Spaces play such an important role in our emergency response. These spaces are for chidlren to play, have fun with other children in a safe environment - they also allow parents to continue work repairing and rebuilding with the peace of mind that their children are safe.
  World Vision launched its first Child Friendly Spaces for the Typhoon Haiyan response on 20 … helped to establish the Child Friendly Spaces in Tabugon. Arlo regularly works in

Child Friendly Spaces being set up in Northern Cebu to give children a place to play, learn, and recover

On this, the 69th annual Universal Children’s Day, World Vision has begun setting up its dedicated ‘safe spaces’ for children affected by Typhoon Haiyan.
Child Friendly Spaces can include educational

Gaza Crisis Update

    Set up five Child Friendly Spaces for … children through 20 Child Friendly Spaces. …  We set up more than 40 Child Friendly Spaces care. Find out more about our Child Friendly Spaces in the video below. This time 18 months