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Carrying the burden | Syrian refugee seeks safety in Lebanon; now trapped in child labour

Khalid fled the Syrian conflict, only to become trapped in child labour in Lebanon. How can you help Syria’s child refugees feel safe again?
known as Child Friendly Spaces

Haiti Hurricane Update

The path of category 4 Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade, ripped through Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba in early October. It destroyed both property and lives - particularly throughout Haiti. The hurricane brought heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds to a country already suffering from immense poverty and weak infrastructure and still dealing with the legacy of 2010's earthquake. As of 14 October, 1.4 million people are in urgent need of support. The estimated death toll fluctuated significantly in the first few days as many areas couldn't be reached. More than 1000 people are now confirmed to have died.
diseases. Our eight Child Friendly Spaces welcomed more than … training plan and guide for communities. Child Friendly Spaces We established Child Friendly Spaces to provide children with a degree of

World Vision scales up plans to set up protection centres for children in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

International children’s charity World Vision is scaling up efforts to establish safe spaces to help children come to terms with loss in hurricane-ravaged Haiti.
is looking to establish close to 30 Child Friendly Spaces

Mary's night of fear turns to peace | A child’s story from South Sudan to Ugandan refugee camp

Mary tells her courageous story of fleeing South Sudan’s violent conflict. And how World Vision’s helping her to have hope for the future.
like Mary in her settlement. We've set up Child Friendly Spaces

Soccer for Syrians: Bringing football to the children of Azraq

Simple things like giving children a safe place to run around and express themselves makes a huge amount of difference to refugees living far from home. From the exhilaration of scoring a goal and working as a team, to the comfort of finding emotional support, children and staff share the ways they’re benefitting from the football pitches we’ve built in Jordan’s Azraq refugee camp…
food and water vouchers and running child friendly spaces to ensure vulnerable children get the

From earth-shaking to high-flying | Helping Nepal's children to stand up and move on

When disaster hits, children are always among the most vulnerable, and not only in the initial crisis. In the days, weeks and months following an emergency, children can be disproportionately hit by after effects such as hunger, disease, emotional trauma and exploitation - particularly if they've lost their home or caregivers...

Ecuador Earthquake Update

Saturday 16 April, Ecuador was hit by a series of powerful earthquakes. The strongest was registered as 7.8 magnitude and 19km depth. The epicentre was close to the town of Muisne in Esmeraldas province in the north of Ecuador. The quake has claimed at least 500 lives and left more than 4.000 people injured. These numbers are expected to rise in the coming days. Over 400 aftershocks have since been recorded. The Ecuadorian Government has declared a National Emergency and some 10,000 troops and 3,500 police have been deployed in the affected areas to help search and rescue efforts for survivors who may still be trapped.
spends the day with friends at one of our Child Friendly Spaces. Children are always more vulnerable … we e established 22 Child Friendly Spaces

Ecuador’s worst earthquake in almost 30 years claims hundreds of lives

World Vision has leaped into action to help communities hit by a massive earth
caused by the earthquake. We are setting up Child Friendly Spaces to help children cope with the uncertainty

A child's nightmare, a nation's heartache: Children growing up fast in South Sudan

When her parents were killed, Achol suddenly found herself solely responsible for her younger siblings. Despite being just a child herself, Achol’s new role as sole caregiver is typical for many children who’s lives have been changed forever by the conflict in South Sudan. Having now fled the fighting, Achol tells us about the hardship of daily life in a camp for displaced people, and the constant struggle to provide for her young family.
Upper Nile States. We've also established Child Friendly Spaces to help children recover from

Syria 5 years on: Children paying the cost of war

What the children of Syria have faced cannot be measured or imagined. They have lost fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and friends. They’ve also lost homes, dreams, the joy of play and an education. It is no exaggeration to say that they have lost their childhoods. World Vision Lebanon’s Sana’a Malouf tells us about the challenges ahead…
early childhood education programmes and child friendly spaces for children. To help give the families a

Through the eyes of a refugee child: A story in 23 pictures

We recently visited an Informal Tented Settlement in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley that houses Syrian refugees. When it rains, the camp turns into a mud pit, making it hard for children who only have rubber shoes to walk. But when the sun comes out, mothers hang out laundry and children find a way of playing in the most difficult of circumstances. Here are their stories, in pictures…
get him down. Children who go to the Child Friendly Spaces teach the other children games

Serbia: Sadness starts in the South

Our Head of Policy Gavin Crowden spent last week in Serbia, walking with refugees and hearing their stories. What he found were parents who had fled a depleted Syria, desperately searching for a 'home' that often exists amongst relatives abroad, and a future for their children.
World Vision has set up two child friendly spaces. These are


Salah is 12-years-old and lives in Lebanon with his family as a refugee. Back in Syria he went to school, the family had a car, and lived in a house. Now, traumatised by the conflict and sights he saw, the Child Friendly Space in his informal settlement is the only place he feels safe.
little boy named Salah. He was in one of our Child Friendly Spaces in an informal tented settlement in Bekkaa

World turned upside down

Six-year-old Abishek was severely affected by the Nepal earthquake that devastated his home district of Sindupalchowk back in April of this year. Hundreds of schools were damaged beyond repair and many children, including Abishek, were out of education for the months that followed.
with Child Friendly Spaces in the affected

Amanda Redman's trip to Nepal

Helicopter wrangler and boom operator? All part of the job when you're determined to get media coverage on the plight of Nepalese people, six months after the earthquake. Siân Merrylees, celebrity media specialist, explains…

Mothers coming together

As we approach six-months since the earthquake that shook Nepal, Media Specialist Carina Wint has spent a week in one of the hardest hit regions near Kathmandu, seeing how our work in the area has inspired a group of mothers to start their own centre - caring for orphaned and trafficked children.

We will smile again - a child's blog from Gaza

Ten year old Rania lost her father when conflict exploded in the Gaza strip last summer. However, in the year that’s elapsed she’s joined one of World Vision’s 20 Child Friendly Spaces, where children affected by the crisis can receive psycho-social support. Rania is now looking forward to a better future.

A night I'll remember

One year since the DEC appeal for Gaza, World Vision's Rajai Al Himdiat tells us what it was like trying to keep his family safe during the aerial bombardment that devastated his house and community.

Bringing hope through faith

In the Central African Republic over half of the population has been affected by the conflict that has torn through the country since 2012. World Vision has been working with faith leaders to help unite communities and keep a tentative peace.


Two years after she trekked through the Himalayas on holiday, Emergency Programme Officer Lara returned to Nepal as part of World Vision's earthquake response. She was afraid to see the smiles wiped from the faces, but instead found remarkable levels of grace and resilience.