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Humanitarian Heroes

Today on World Humanitarian Day, let us celebrate the inspiring stories of our humanitarian heroes.
technical assistance for animators in the child friendly spaces. World Vision has very high working

140 children killed in Democratic Republic of Congo since June, urgent response needed

More than 100 children have been killed in combat since June in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and an urgent response is needed to prevent an escalation of violence, international aid agency World Vision warns today.
it plans to immediately build eight child friendly spaces for young children and

Confict-related trauma: the devastating effect of war on South Sudan's refugee children

More than 150,000 child refugees in mass settlements in northern Uganda require therapy after fleeing violence in neighbouring South Sudan, experts say.
outbursts. World Vision has set up Child Friendly Spaces

“Long road ahead” for Mosul’s children after city re-taken from ISIL

Children’s lives have been shattered after years of ISIL control in Mosul – and many will need time to heal from untold violence, World Vision warns today.
to children in camps outside the city at Child Friendly Spaces. The aid agency is also helping to rebuild

Uganda Solidarity Summit must prioritise South Sudanese child refugees

World Vision is urging the international community to do more to prevent a children’s humanitarian crisis by supporting Uganda as it responds to those fleeing fighting in South Sudan.

Thousands of Filipino children traumatised by fighting in Marawi

International children’s charity World Vision, has warned that thousands of children have been left shell-shocked and traumatised by continuous fighting in the Phillipines city of Marawi.

The Universality of playing

Following a recent trip to a refugee camp in Niger, our Senior Conflict Advisor Sarah Pickwick reflects on how our Child Friendly Spaces give children a sense of normality and allow them to be children again.
Advisor Sarah Pickwick reflects on how our Child Friendly Spaces give children a sense of normality and allow … to listen to.  As I walk into one of our child friendly spaces in a refugee camp in

Syria's Refugees: Ahmad never had a hobby before

Joining our Child Friendly Space in Lebanon gave Ahmad an opportunity to learn new skills and games, make new friends and start excelling academically. Ahmad’s childhood was saved by the love of art, a couple of games, and a caring environment.
Child Friendly Spaces. The spaces provide children aged three to

Escaping Boko Haram: “I no longer feel afraid.”

Mohamed escaped captivity from Boko Haram and was reunited with his family in Niger at a camp. There he attends school and plays with his friends at our Child Friendly Space.

Caring for children in conflict: Child's play

All children love to play, whether at home or away. Children in the Lake Chad Basin are no different.
is why we set up Child Friendly Spaces.

East Africa Crisis Update

Tens of thousands of children could starve to death as famine, food and water shortages affect 22 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Somalia.

Children of the Lake Chad Basin: The vulnerable, looking after the vulnerable

In crisis, children regularly miss out on opportunities. They are forced to drop out of school, thrown out of home, and find themselves struggling in ways they had never imagined.

World Vision prepares to scale up work as western Mosul offensive begins

World Vision is poised to support children and their families expected to flee western Mosul, as a military offensive to re-take the second half of the city gains pace.
Aid workers have been running Child Friendly Spaces and carrying out distributions to help

Identity Crisis in the Lake Chad Basin

With no home, family or jobs refugees in the Sayam Refugee and Displaced People’s Camp in the Lake Chad Basin struggle with their sense of identity. World Vision spoke to three refugees to hear what the crisis has taken from them and how they are trying to cope. Nelly’s family found shelter in one of Armenia’s remote communities, which also happens to be supported by our child sponsors in the UK – Stepanavan, located in the northern part of the country. In Stepanavan, the mayor helped to find the family a small house to live in, and our office provided the family with a cow, as well as the necessary bedding for the new house, and helped to register them in the local schools. Today Nelly and her four siblings are all sponsored children.

World Vision staff distribute aid by canoe to flood victims in Thailand

Unusually heavy rains caused by low depression and the strong northeast monsoon, have left much of southern Thailand submerged under water forcing aid works to paddle their way to the affected communities.

World Vision partners, Wahana Visi Indonesia arrive in Aceh today to assess earthquake damage

102 casualties have been reported form the 6.5 magnitude earthquake that hit Pide Jaya, Banda Aceh at 05.03 am yesterday. A tsunami hit the province in 2004, however this is the first time a large earthquake has hit this part of Aceh. “Getting help to those in need will be challenging since the area is remote,” said World Vision Indonesia Director, Margarettha Siregar .
Siregar . World Vision plans to build child friendly spaces for children badly affected by the recent … and Young Child Feeding and also creating Child Friendly Spaces

Bullet-ridden schools lie abandoned in reclaimed cities across Iraq

As the battle to retake Mosul continues, urgent action is needed to allow children to resume their education.
our Child Friendly Spaces across northern Iraq provide children with

13,000 former child soldiers in the Central African Republic pin their hopes on Brussels conference

World Vision is urging global leaders meeting in Brussels tomorrow (Thursday, 17 November 2016) to secure the future of thousands of children forced to take up arms on behalf of militia in the Central Africa Republic (CAR).

Children re-create war scenes in their first art class since fleeing Mosul

Since 17 October thousands of children have been displaced in northern Iraq as a result of military operations to retake the city of Mosul from ISIL.
supporting displaced children through our Child Friendly Spaces families and children. Alongside the Child Friendly Spaces we are providing

Mosul Children Arrive at Camps Terrified | World Vision UK

World Vision staff say that children are arriving at camps too petrified to speak after fleeing the conflict in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Find out more here.