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Christmas Card Bounceback Thank You email landing page - multi sponsors
some of our sponsored children in Cambodia wanted to sing Jingle Bells to you. Hope


Christmas Card Bounceback Thank You email landing page - single sponsors
some of our sponsored children in Cambodia wanted to sing Jingle Bells to you. Hope

How modern slavery is destroying childhoods

World Vision UK's Erica Hall on the crisis of children who are forced into horrifying exploitation.
a teenage girl World Vision supported in Cambodia a few years ago. Despite both of her parents … was investigated by the Cambodian government.

Empowering Girls

We actively empower girls and women throughout our work, fighting against discrimination, abuse and oppression. We work together with community leaders, teachers, families and the girls themselves, to provide support and awareness ensuring they have equal access to healthcare, education and the promise of a brighter future.

Empowering Girls

Make life better for girls in some of the world’s hardest places. Find out how your donation can change the future for girls in Africa, Asia and across the world.

Why sponsor a child

Why sponsor a child? 7 reasons why it’s one of the best ways you can change a child’s life and make a difference in the world.

5 reasons to sponsor a child

School out and summer in full swing, we're set for those special moments, when memories are made, days are long and full of promise, to have new adventures and and make a difference in this world. But, realistically, can you find time to be positive, healthy, helpful and focussed on relationships, all at the same time? Well, it turns out the answer is yes. Find out how.

YaNuch’s Different Childhood

Change can be a slow process – sometimes painfully so. World Vision Communicator, Dara Chhim visited a family in Cambodia and discovered the joys of seeing change happen in front of your eyes..
Dara Chhim visited a family in Cambodia and discovered the joys of seeing change … Cambodia. Life

A view from the other side : refugees in the West

As the Pope dedicates today to remembering the many children and families fleeing conflict and seeking safety around the world, our Senior Child Rights Policy Advisor Erica Hall writes about her own experiences opening her home and her heart to refugees, and why there is always room for one more.
to take in refugees fleeing the conflict in Cambodia. My family was not … or the other Cambodian families who moved into our town. Thanks to … all grown up now and living back in Cambodia. He will always be part of our

5 reasons to sponsor a child

How to achieve all New Year's resolutions in one simple move. Feel great, help others, form positive relationships and sponsor a child today.

Endless Hope | Changing lives in Cambodia

Theary was once a World Vision sponsored child. Now, at 22-years-old, she is working as an accountant and a part-time teacher. We recently caught up with Theary to find out how her life has changed since World Vision started working in her community.
Communicator at World Vision Cambodia Theary is a former sponsored child from Cambodia. Growing … You can find out more about our work in Cambodia

Celebrity Supporters

We’re very grateful to have the support of several famous faces to promote the work we’re doing throughout the world.
Hall. Linda Barker Linda travelled to Cambodia in 2015 to see our work. She fronted the … who lives in Cambodia. About … trip to Cambodia

One goal / Football, fun and food

During the Rio Olympic Games we can witness the world's top athletes, at the peak of their fitness and physical ability after years of training and conditioning, compete for the most prestigious titles in their fields. Nutrition is key to their performance; but in Cambodia many children are malnourished, without the strength to run with their friends. In partnership with One Goal, we're changing that...
but in Cambodia many children are … Sreyoun in Cambodia. She told us how her life has changed since … this group of children in rural Cambodia are living out the Olympic motto

A Snapshot of India

Graeme Newton, who heads up our Fundraising department at World Vision UK, visited Annu, the little girl his family sponsors in Patna and shares some of his highlights in this photo blog.

Child labour and how child sponsorship is helping

Child labour is a fact of life for millions of children around the world. You can help us continue to tackle child labour by sponsoring a child today.
Ana in Albania and Khav from Cambodia tell their stories. Child labour in … families off the street. Child labour in Cambodia children in Cambodia. And in other

John Warland | RHS Shows

John Warland is a World Vision child sponsor and award winning garden designer. John created the World Vision garden that will be at the Chelsea and Hampton Court RHS Shows this summer.
of rice to families and communities in Cambodia in last


World Vision is committed to being fully transparent & responsible to the children & communities served especially where advocacy is concerned.
and friends in Cambodia. Copyright 2015 Alexander Whittle | World

A Snapshot of Cambodia

Trudi Cotton recently joined our first World Vision group sponsor trip to Cambodia to meet her sponsored child, Lin, and see the projects she supports. She shares a few of her favourite photos with us here.
recently joined our first group visit to Cambodia where she visited her sponsored … Vision. I asked if they had foxes but in Cambodia its snakes that are the menace. We were

Fear of the dragon's tail

In Cambodia, the threat of tropical cyclones and huge downpours are very real for local communities. Not only does bad weather damage houses and submerge rice fields, it forces people to swim to higher ground. Along the border, children and families often have to cross into Vietnam to reach safety. But through a World Vision initiative, houses are now being built on higher ground and community groups are giving children like Phan and Srey the tools to stay safe when the floodwaters come.
Cambodia suffered severe flooding on six … areas in seven communes across Cambodia. Through the working groups