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Mental health, at home and abroad

As humanitarian emergencies continue to unfold around the world, children are increasingly exposed to violence and other experiences that leave them in desperate need of psychological first aid.

Enivens wants a new home - life in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Enivens lives in Haiti. His life has been turned upside down in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Celebrity Supporters

We’re very grateful to have the support of several famous faces to promote the work we’re doing throughout the world.
the Ebola outbreak. He made daily video blogs during the trip that show people struggling

Sponsorship brings hope in Armenia

Twin brothers, Hakob and Davit, have both suffered from cerebral palsy since early childhood in Armenia. Unable to go to school due to their condition, the boys live with their mother Julieta and their two elder brothers in desperate living conditions. Their sponsors in the UK have helped them access essential resources and kept the family hopeful for a brighter future.

Mountains never meet, but friends do

Amy, a World Vision UK sponsor, travels huge distances across Tanzania to meet a special little girl, Maria, who she's sponsored for over nine years. In her blog, Amy shares about her wonderful day meeting Maria and her family.

A Snapshot of India

Graeme Newton, who heads up our Fundraising department at World Vision UK, visited Annu, the little girl his family sponsors in Patna and shares some of his highlights in this photo blog.


Supporter Blogs August 2016 | Read the stories, blogs and first hand accounts from written by World Vision UK Child Sponsors after visiting their sponsored child.

Bikes, chickens, and menstrual pads | Educating girls in Zimbabwe

Bikes, chickens, and menstrual pads - just a few of the things improving life in Sanzukwi ADP in Zimbabwe. When sponsor Claire Bardsley visited, she saw signs of drought and hardship, but also signs of encouragement and hope...
Girls' Education Challenge in Zimbabwe. This blog was originally published for Bardsley

Tanzania - Unexpected Riches amid the struggle

Nigel and Sue Hodder, lovely World Vision child sponsors, recently visited the Kilimatinde project in Tanzania – a community facing poverty but so rich in character. Nigel shares their experience with us.

How Theresa’s new found confidence is helping to change her life

to learn new communication skills such as blogging. Joining the club gave her a real boost

A truly life changing experience - meeting Akash

Pam Agius, a World Vision child sponsor, recently came back from a group trip to India where she met her sponsored child, Akash. Here she shares about the special experience she had.

Four Lessons from Ethiopia

Tim Bousfield travels with a group from Hitchin Church to visit and say a final farewell to the children they have sponsored for years in Addis ADP in Ethiopia

The impact of Ebola on change and protection

As an advocate for change in her country, 17-year-old Alice felt the impact of the Ebola crisis twice; not only did it affect her family and peers on a personal level, it also slowed the rate of change and support she could give to vulnerable girls in her community. She describes how upsetting it was to see girls as young as 14 falling pregnant, and how we can still work together to support those in need…
in their community. You can read their other blogs

"Now, they need shoes, we buy shoes" | Visiting a savings group in Sierra Leone

Last week I travelled with blogger Annie to Sierra Leone to visit one of our child sponsorship projects there and hear from the community about the effects Ebola has had on their lives. One of the most inspiring stories to come from the epidemic was that of a local women’s savings group who had banded together to make sure their families did not go hungry during the crisis...
World Vision UK Last week I travelled with blogger Annie to Sierra Leone to visit one of our

Grand Bargain helps move humanitarian system away from one-system-fits-all approach

The humanitarian system must move away from a centralised, one-system-fits-all approach.
read the latest blog by Julian

“Sustainable Development Goals impossible to attain without funding revolution,” warns World Vision UK

Aid agency World Vision UK warns that an increasingly fragile and unstable world could put the global sustainable development goals at risk unless a new funding approach is established.

“I didn’t want to marry” | El Nino and child marriage in Mozambique

When El Nino brought drought to 14-year-old Inês’ village in southern Mozambique, her mother found it increasingly difficult to provide for all three of her daughters. Where once she’d dreamed of becoming a teacher, Inês found herself married off to an older man…
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Beyond Words: Meeting Nisha in India

Catherine Hatton recently travelled to Patna in India as part of a group sponsor visit, to meet Nisha, who she sponsors through World Vision. Read all about her experience here.

Food and Farming: Ugandan style

Read about World Vision ambassador, Robin Hart's week in Uganda, visiting her sponsored child as part of a group visit. Here she talks about her experiences farming in the UK compared to what she learnt in Uganda.