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My 40th Birthday in Senegal

Today was my 40th birthday. I remember my Mum and Dad heading out to dinner to celebrate Mum’s 40th, when I was just 11. They seemed so old! I don’t feel old at all, and funnily enough, I no longer think they are either. Today I shared my birthday with an elderly Village Chief in a remote village in Senegal, a village that his father established in 1957. He reminisced with me about the good old days. And, I met some confident Senegalese children who had a different tale to tell! This is indeed a suitable 40th birthday story…

Niger, how Child Sponsorship is bringing Hope

Mark Bulpitt, Head of Emergencies, blogs from Niger.
blogs from Niger.   This morning didn’t start

Update from Niger: How your donations are being used

I’m writing from Niger, the country worst affected by the West African food crisis. Yesterday I visited a World Vision supported health and feeding centre in the outskirts of the capital city, Niamey. I wanted to share with you what I have seen of the work being done here – lives are literally being saved and if you’ve already donated to the World Vision appeal, you’ve helped make it possible.

Inspiring Armenian Projects

We left Sisian today, on a rutted road littered with herds of sheep and cattle, not a beautiful smooth dual carriageway in sight! After visiting my sponsored children yesterday I am now going to look at some of the income generating projects I am helping to support. I really believe that funding projects which enable people to help themselves is the best way of helping vulnerable families to climb out of the situations which they find themselves in.
If you have been inspired by this blog you can Sponsor a Child in Armenia and be

Visiting my Sponsored Children in Armenia

This is my third time in Armenia and its beauty never ceases to impress me. I have never been here at this time of year and its lush green landscapes, high mountains and bright blue skies provide a stunning backdrop to our three and a half hour journey to Sisian. I am really excited about seeing my sponsored children Aram and Nareh. I have met them before, but I’m keen to meet their families again and see the difference in their lives since I was last here.