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The young people fighting for change in Bangladesh

World Vision Young Leader Tanzim Tabassum Tithi writes and discusses the issues children face in Bangladesh and the change they're making.
she blogs about the issues children are facing in

This Lent, love your neighbour as yourself

This Easter, Minister Gail Thompson reflects on how to show God's love to people around the world.

Village of Hope

Visit Village of Hope.

A time to demonstrate love for others

What motivates you to give? Do you most appreciate receiving? The true spirit of Christmas is "not getting, but giving". It is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family; forgetting self and finding time for others.

A History of World Vision

As a charity motivated by Christian faith, World Vision aims to make a positive difference to the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children as an expression of God’s love.

Bears on Stairs

700 children flee conflict in South Sudan and cross over the border into Uganda every week. Alone, sick or separated from their parents. Stand with the children #BearsOnStairs.
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Case study: Borehole brings hope to schoolchildren

As experts in water, sanitation and hygiene in emergencies, we're drilling and restoring boreholes, building emergency latrines, distributing soap, hand wash kits and organising hygiene sessions with children. We’ve drilled two boreholes in Chad and two in Niger and water testing is currently underway. A further borehole in Niger is being repaired.

Water of life

One-year-old Aicha is one of 1.4 million vulnerable children in the forgotten Lake Chad Basin crisis, who need safe water. Aichatou, 30, is Aicha’s mother. She was forced to flee her village with her seven children due to Boko Haram attacks. They’re staying in a settlement along with others forced from their homes: “My village is near a river and if you stand by its shore, you can see the town of Damasak. On the days of the attacks, you could see bullets and rockets flying towards our village from Damasak. After several attacks, our village became a very insecure place, so my husband decided that we should leave.

Sky Diving for South Sudan

It was a very memorable day, and not a standard Wednesday morning. I was strapped to a guy’s lap circling above the clouds, 13,000 feet in the air. Feeling weirdly calm, I looked out the window and imagined that the white canvas beneath me was merely a sheet of snow covering the ground, obscuring me from the reality of what I was about to do.

What Our Kids Need: Blogger Stories

At the start of the year we asked to bloggers write about what their children last needed and what this meant to them. We were delighted with the inspirational posts that came back.
we asked bloggers write about what their children last … posts that came back. All the bloggers observed that the practical side of … twins was the inspiration behind the blog post by Helena at Work for Mums. She’d found

Journey of Hope

World Vision’s Journey of Hope, a truly engaging story for you and the family. Walk in the shoes of 8-year-old Ayie and her mother Miatta and get a real understanding of what life is like in rural Sierra Leone.

First faces of famine in Somalia

Muhammad is severely malnourished. You can see something is wrong the moment you meet him. But it’s quickly confirmed by the World Vision doctors who have set up a mobile heath unit in Muhammad’s community. His weight and arm measurements are dangerously low and he is immediately put on an emergency nutrition program.

11 things you can do right now to help end violence against children

World Vision’s campaign ‘It takes a world to end violence against children’ was named because no one individual, group or organisation can solve this problem alone.
10. Add your voice by sharing this blog and following our campaign

The power of a sewing machine

Roji, in Bangladesh, turned her family’s life around when she enrolled herself in tailoring training and became the main source of income for her family. Her children are now well fed, clothed and in full time education working towards a positive future.

“Today I’m saying goodbye to the agony of diarrhoea”

For Amanuel, 12, from Ethiopia, clean water means everything. Since World Vision installed a new water pipe in his village, he hasn’t stopped telling everyone how happy he is.

The power of the Super Tortilla

We're fighting malnutrition with a new way of thinking about cooking; the super tortilla. Instead of making regular tortillas from corn alone, parents add vegetables such as coyote squash stem, yucca (full of fibre, vitamin C and potassium), chipilin (a legume packed with calcium, iron, protein and minerals), oregano, basil, and onions into the batter. The result is a tasty tortilla packed full of nutrition.

5 reasons to sponsor a child

How to achieve all New Year's resolutions in one simple move. Feel great, help others, form positive relationships and sponsor a child today.

The many things my child needs

What was the last thing your child needed? This New Year, World Vision asks bloggers to think about the most recent thing their children needed.
a question open to all bloggers and parents … supporter of World Vision who writes a blog called Mama Loves with a focus on the … Our Kids campaign here or spread the word by blogging on your website 

Bullet-ridden schools lie abandoned in reclaimed cities across Iraq

As the battle to retake Mosul continues, urgent action is needed to allow children to resume their education.

Haiti Hurricane Update

The path of category 4 Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade, ripped through Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba in early October. It destroyed both property and lives - particularly throughout Haiti. The hurricane brought heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong winds to a country already suffering from immense poverty and weak infrastructure and still dealing with the legacy of 2010's earthquake. As of 14 October, 1.4 million people are in urgent need of support. The estimated death toll fluctuated significantly in the first few days as many areas couldn't be reached. More than 1000 people are now confirmed to have died.