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Our heroes of 2020: Finding strength by helping others

A look back at some of the most inspirational people we've seen this year.
Bangladesh Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh

World Food Day 2020: When food is more than a meal

Visit a community kitchen at the heart of one of the largest refugee camps. Food is more than a meal: Girls like Raju can enjoy time with mum, good food and learning.
children. It took us three days to arrive in Bangladesh. At the beginning we suffered a lot to get

Pumpkin Heroes: Believing in others

This Halloween, shine God’s light into a dark year with Pumpkin Heroes. Bible-based resources from World Vision for a fun and bright party – in church or online.
children living in refugee camps in Bangladesh. The smiles on their faces show just how

Child marriage through children's eyes

A story of early marriage, drawn by children.

“If I had a magic wand” - a girl’s dream to break free of child marriage

Child Protection expert, Aimyleen Gabriel, looks at the links between a lack of basics - like water - and rising child marriage cases.
is a Rohingya refugee living in Bangladesh. She got married at 15 and is now a mum.

World Vision joins DEC appeal to combat coronavirus in world's most fragile places

The Disasters Emergency Committee today launched a Coronavirus Appeal to help the most vulnerable communities in the world who now face the new deadly threat of Covid-19.
Bangladesh. The


Together Amen - July 2020
in Bangladesh is closed.   School provides more than … education For many children in Bangladesh and other countries where poverty makes life … praying the situation will soon change in Bangladesh but meanwhile life remains desperately


Together Amen - July 2020 - 2
in Bangladesh.   Always looking to learn and grow … floods and cyclones in his native Bangladesh. … southern Bangladesh.

Rohingya refugee dads unite to protect children from violence  

Obaidur, a respected Rohingya camp leader, believes that with good teaching, men can create positive change in the heart of the coronavirus crisis.
girls was an issue in the lockdown And in Bangladesh’s Rohingya refugee

Facing coronavirus in refugee camps: "You can't run from this"

How can you maintain social distancing in a camp of crowded tents? How do you wash your hands regularly when the queue for the water point is long?

Statement: Super Cyclone Amphan puts millions at greater risk of coronavirus

Cyclone Amphan is creating crisis on top of a crisis – making it even more difficult to contain COVID-19 at a critical time in the response by both India and Bangladesh, World Vision warns.
time in the response by both India and Bangladesh. Donate to our global Coronavirus Appeal

Children in coronavirus lockdown spread hope across the world

During the current coronavirus crisis, children are finding ways to bring hope and healing to those around them.
Bangladesh from Bangladesh Young people around the world are doing … Bangladesh Donate to our global Coronavirus Appeal

Parents turn to violence as coronavirus bites around world

Up to 85 million more children face physical, sexual and emotional violence at home and in their communities over the next three months, as COVID-19 spreads worldwide.
child beatings by parents or guardians in Bangladesh shot up by 42 per cent last month. There was

Coronavirus: World Vision welcomes UN’s global response plan

World Vision welcomes the UN’s COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response plan, launched today (March 25).

Coronavirus: The expert view on… Refugees

World Vision's Humanitarian Health, Nutrition and WASH Director examines the impact coronavirus could have on the global refugee population.

'I was almost a child bride' | Rahila's story

While both girls and boys can be subjected to child marriage, girls are disproportionately affected due to cultural traditions which reinforce gender discrimination.

Coronavirus: World must unite to focus on the most vulnerable as pandemic declared

A united global effort is needed to help prevent COVID-19 from having a massive destructive impact on the lives of child refugees, migrants and the very poor, warns aid agency, World Vision, as a pandemic is declared.
Rohingya refugees into Bangladesh.   Coronavirus could prove

61 NGOs warn of worsening crisis in Myanmar, call for refugees’ engagement on safe, voluntary returns

World Vision is one of 61 local, national and international NGOs working in Myanmar and Bangladesh calling for Rohingya refugees to have a role in decision-making about their own lives, including conditions for their return to Myanmar.
Bangladesh Refugee Crisis … and are struggling for safety and dignity in Bangladesh as refugees. In a joint statement released … limited. They urged the Governments of Bangladesh and Myanmar to ensure that any return

Child Labour

This is typically seen in countries such as Bangladesh and

Empowering girls against child marriage

Across the world, girls are standing up for their rights and creating a better future for women. Discover girls’ stories of extraordinary everyday courage.
from Bangladesh’s capital