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World Vision UK urges local councils to house lone child refugees

International children’s charity World Vision UK is urging local councils across the UK to ‘pull out all the stops’ in finding homes for unaccompanied refugee children from Europe.
Syria Crisis Appeal now. For more information contact Henry

South Sudan urged to hold onto peace or risk losing another generation to war

As South Sudan’s opposition leader Riek Machar returns to country’s capital Juba for the first time since a civil war erupted more than two years ago, World Vision has warned that the country risks losing another generation of children to war, unless the country holds onto the latest opportunity to have peace.

Health closer to home: Restoring healthcare in Nepal

In the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake, many remote communities were left without access to healthcare, with health posts being completely or partially destroyed. In the year that’s followed, World Vision has helped in their restoration, so that nurses like Parbati can effectively reach out to communities and help to build and promote safe hygiene practices. We visit a recently renovated health centre in Ghorka, central Nepal, to see the difference it’s making…

One year after the Nepal earthquake children still feel frightened

Alongside concerns over living conditions and access to a safe and supportive education, children express feelings of fear and trauma that - if not dealt with - could affect their wellbeing in the future
Nepal Earthquake Appeal now.

Building hope in Nepal

For many families in Nepal, the trauma of last year’s earthquake has been followed by uncertainty - with homes lying ruined, and the only option being temporary shelters made of wood and corrugated iron. Mother of nine, Ganga knows all about the damage the earthquake brought, now sharing a one-room shelter with her family. Worldvision’s Ankush Chalise visited one of the worst affected regions to hear how a training scheme for masons might be the answer, in making families’ like Ganga’s safe…

Prestigious award for interactive fundraising experience

World Vision has received a coveted award for its groundbreaking interactive charity experience at UK shopping centres, with judges hailing the display as a “wonderful, emotive creation making a real difference to people’s lives”.
a child or donate to the migrant crisis appeal if they wish. The experience has received

Ecuador Earthquake Update

Saturday 16 April, Ecuador was hit by a series of powerful earthquakes. The strongest was registered as 7.8 magnitude and 19km depth. The epicentre was close to the town of Muisne in Esmeraldas province in the north of Ecuador. The quake has claimed at least 500 lives and left more than 4.000 people injured. These numbers are expected to rise in the coming days. Over 400 aftershocks have since been recorded. The Ecuadorian Government has declared a National Emergency and some 10,000 troops and 3,500 police have been deployed in the affected areas to help search and rescue efforts for survivors who may still be trapped.

World Vision Calls for UK to Open Safe Routes for Child Refugees

World Vision calls on David Cameron to open up safe routes into the UK for children fleeing war, as the Pope shows his concern for the plight of refugee children.

A child's nightmare, a nation's heartache: Children growing up fast in South Sudan

When her parents were killed, Achol suddenly found herself solely responsible for her younger siblings. Despite being just a child herself, Achol’s new role as sole caregiver is typical for many children who’s lives have been changed forever by the conflict in South Sudan. Having now fled the fighting, Achol tells us about the hardship of daily life in a camp for displaced people, and the constant struggle to provide for her young family.
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Putting the most vulnerable first: Refugees facing the new EU-Turkey deal

Our Sarah Pickwick recently spent time in Serbia meeting some of the refugees who are now living with the uncertainty of closing borders. As the new EU deal with Turkey comes into play, Sarah asks, will this push people further into the hands of people smugglers?

Syria 5 years on: Children paying the cost of war

What the children of Syria have faced cannot be measured or imagined. They have lost fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and friends. They’ve also lost homes, dreams, the joy of play and an education. It is no exaggeration to say that they have lost their childhoods. World Vision Lebanon’s Sana’a Malouf tells us about the challenges ahead…

Resilience and hope: Syrian children in education in Jordan

World Vision Supporter Kate Jinadu addressed our event in the UK Parliament last week, speaking about the devastating effect the Syrian war has had on education. Here, she gives her reflections on a recent trip to Jordan, where she got to see some of our remedial classes that are helping child refugees reconnect with education…
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Quenching thirst: Restoring clean water in post-quake Nepal

Almost a year on from the series of earthquakes that shook Nepal last April, World Vision has been working hard to restore safety, healthcare and dignity to children and families still in need. Deprived of clean water and proper sanitation in the aftermath, 16-year-old Arun marks World Water Day by telling us how his family is now enjoying the benefits, with the support of World Vision...

Children most at risk as Zimbabwe says 4 million need food aid due to drought

World Vision has called for more funding to address food shortages across Southern Africa as the government of Zimbabwe announced that more than a third of the country's population need food aid as people struggle with the worst drought for two decades.
has hit Zimbabwe hard and last month it appealed for

Through the eyes of a refugee child: A story in 23 pictures

We recently visited an Informal Tented Settlement in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley that houses Syrian refugees. When it rains, the camp turns into a mud pit, making it hard for children who only have rubber shoes to walk. But when the sun comes out, mothers hang out laundry and children find a way of playing in the most difficult of circumstances. Here are their stories, in pictures…
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As Syrian war enters 6th year, humanitarian agencies make joint appeal to allow aid to reach those in need

More than 100 humanitarian agencies appealed today - on the fifth anniversary of the start of the Syria conflict - to allow immediate and on-going access to people suffering inside the country.
The joint appeal signed by leaders of UN and INGO …   Two months ago our organizations appealed for urgent access to all those in

Too much, too young: 'Half of all Syrian refugee children are working'

Naseem and his wife, Maha, and their seven children were forced to flee Syria in 2013. Living in a small apartment in Jordan, and with Naseem struggling with a debilitating injury, his children have been forced to work long hours. Approximately half of all Syrian refugee children living in Jordan are the breadwinners for their families.
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World Vision UK calls for immediate ban on tear gas at borders

World Vision UK is calling for an immediate European-wide ban on using tear gas and batons against refugee families fleeing war zones.
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Helping refugees stay warm

Syrian refugee and mother, Naeema, wants nothing more for her children than to live happy and healthy lives. However her nine-year-old son Fares suffers from ill health, and Naeema struggles to pay his medical bills alongside their rent. However, World Vision’s winterisation work means that the family will have the fuel and clothes they need to stay warm this winter.
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Lost along the way

Goran Stupar spent last week in Serbia speaking to refugees about the things they've lost since fleeing Syria. Broken, discarded shoes by roadsides, clothing washed up on beaches, alongside bags packed full with personal items, however belongings lost along the way pale in comparison to the memories they’ve left behind.