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Desperate to eat: Malawi in the grip of El Niño

As El Niño-related drought sweeps through Malawi, Flora and her family have become increasingly desperate in their attempts to feed themselves and their three children. Before World Vision could distribute maize in her community, Flora’s family had resorted to eating seeds usually fed to birds. She describes the situation they, and many other families, are facing…
assistance. Through our El Nino Crisis Appeal you can help us to support over 1.7 million

Hope in the eyes of Syrian refugee children | Education in Emergencies

From Mexico to Colombia, China to the UK, Humanitarian Information Officer Soraya has years of experience working in education, and on a recent trip to Jordan spent time meeting parents, teachers, and programmers about our work helping get Syrian Refugee children back into school
to be done. Please support our Syria Crisis Appeal. You can find out more about our work in

Providing aid, while depending on it: Meet Johnson - both a humanitarian and an IDP

Johnson Kuithoy is both an aid worker and an internally displaced person (IDP) living in a camp. A South Sudanese man in his thirties, he has dedicated his life to providing relief, while he and his family likewise depend on it. Today, on World Humanitarian Day, heroes like Johnson are celebrated…
there by giving to our South Sudan Crisis Appeal. You can also help share the appreciation

Breaking the rules | Improving nutrition and encouraging girls into sport in Nepal

Sumina’s mother was adamant: football was not for girls who should be doing household chores. But once she changed her mind, the benefits of the game and the World Vision-recommended diet were clear for her daughter and many other girls in the community...

World Vision International CEO issues statement on arrest of Gaza official

Statement by Kevin Jenkins, President and CEO of World Vision International, on Mohammad El Halabi's arrest.

Soccer for Syrians: Bringing football to the children of Azraq

Simple things like giving children a safe place to run around and express themselves makes a huge amount of difference to refugees living far from home. From the exhilaration of scoring a goal and working as a team, to the comfort of finding emotional support, children and staff share the ways they’re benefitting from the football pitches we’ve built in Jordan’s Azraq refugee camp…
can find out more about the refugee crisis appeal here

Statement on World Vision's Staff Arrest

On June 15th, 2016, Mohammad El Halabi, the manager of operations for World Vision in Gaza, was arrested on his way home from routine meetings.

Russia/Syria plan for humanitarian corridors 'deeply flawed'

World Vision today joins a global push for a two-day 'humanitarian pause' in the battle for Aleppo. In all, 34 international bodies are calling for a 48 hour cease-fire that would allow civilians to leave the besieged city and let aid through.
 GOAL 13. Hand in Hand for Syria 14. Human Appeal International 15. Human Rights and Democracy

From earth-shaking to high-flying | Helping Nepal's children to stand up and move on

When disaster hits, children are always among the most vulnerable, and not only in the initial crisis. In the days, weeks and months following an emergency, children can be disproportionately hit by after effects such as hunger, disease, emotional trauma and exploitation - particularly if they've lost their home or caregivers...

How bicycles have rescued girls in Zimbabwe

Our Saramine Mukute was excited to be visiting Zimbabwe. Not just because she grew up in such a beautiful country, but because of the challenge that lay ahead of her - she was going to see how World Vision is helping thousands of girls in rural Zimbabwe access education and it involved a bicycle ride…
picturesque setting would probably be quite appealing. But for someone who hadn’t cycled since

Southern African countries declare "regional disaster" as new report warns of increase in cases of sexual violence

World Vision UK has today called for urgent funds to help support countries in Southern Africa as millions face food shortages due to a massive El Niño-induced drought.
and appeal for humanitarian aid to save more than 23 … is expected to appeal for global humanitarian and drought relief … appeal will be a formal request to the

Working with DFID to stop child marriage in Nepal

At the Girl Summit in 2014, leaders and organisations from around the world came together and pledged to end child marriage. Today in South-eastern Nepal, World Vision and the UK government are working together to make this goal come true.

Children out of school and at work as hunger deepens in Southern Africa, finds report

El Niño is having a devastating impact on children in the Southern Africa region, forcing many into early marriage, child labour and dropping out of school, reveals a report by three leading aid agencies released today.
has appealed for financial support and resources from

Farming families struggle to survive in drought-stricken Ethiopia

Belaynesh helps her family whenever she can, often in the burning heat of the afternoon. With neither a good roof nor mosquito nets, malaria is the second biggest threat the family is facing after the failed harvest. While Ethiopia sits in the grip of El Nino, the 13-year-old is a sponsored child, and over the years, the support of her sponsor has helped make up for the rain in other ways...

"In South Sudan, we help keep children alive" | Life in a camp in South Sudan

South Sudan marks its 5th anniversary of independence today, on 9 July. However, the young nation faces many challenges and fresh fighting erupted in and around the capital in the past days. Children continue to suffer the most, as many have lost family members over the years and have fled their homes.

The impact of Ebola on change and protection

As an advocate for change in her country, 17-year-old Alice felt the impact of the Ebola crisis twice; not only did it affect her family and peers on a personal level, it also slowed the rate of change and support she could give to vulnerable girls in her community. She describes how upsetting it was to see girls as young as 14 falling pregnant, and how we can still work together to support those in need…
You are an amazing people. May I also appeal to the government and people of the

Ups and downs | Helping Ebola orphans in an uncertain future

Ten-year-old Musu lost both of her parents and her little brother to Ebola. Shortly after, Musu and her sister Maria began showing symptoms of the virus. The sisters received treatment and moved in with their uncle, where they have daily chores to help him get by. The girls are still adjusting to their lives without their family, and faced stigma upon returning to school.

Drought in Mozambique | Protecting children from El Nino’s affects

Travelling through Western Mozambique, it immediately becomes obvious what the problem is. Large bridges pass over riverbeds that are completely devoid of water. Most of the fields were planted with maize, but the crops are yellow and withered. It is clear that the drought brought about by this year's El Niño phenomenon is having a big impact on this country. Bert Smit visits our Chioco Area Development Programme in Mozambique, a community that is supported by child sponsors from the UK…

“I didn’t want to marry” | El Nino and child marriage in Mozambique

When El Nino brought drought to 14-year-old Inês’ village in southern Mozambique, her mother found it increasingly difficult to provide for all three of her daughters. Where once she’d dreamed of becoming a teacher, Inês found herself married off to an older man…
families by donating to our El Nino Crisis Appeal

World Vision UK urges local councils to house lone child refugees

International children’s charity World Vision UK is urging local councils across the UK to ‘pull out all the stops’ in finding homes for unaccompanied refugee children from Europe.
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