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World Vision backs Pope’s message ahead of World Day of Migrants and Refugees

International children’s charity World Vision UK has echoed the Pope’s call for world leaders to accept more child refugees fleeing conflicts and persecution across the world.
Syrian Crisis appeal today. For more information please

Typhoon Nock: World Vision deploys assessment team to worst affected districts as thousands are evacuated

World Vision has deployed an assessment team to ten of the most affected districts in the Philippines after a late-season typhoon roared ashore.

Struggle for children who fled Aleppo ‘just beginning’, warn aid workers

A ‘crisis within a crisis’ is unfolding in the countryside outside Aleppo as thousands who fled the city now face increasingly dire conditions.
dire conditions. World Vision is appealing for urgent funds to distribute emergency … appealing urgently for funding to provide a

Light up Syria’s dark days with a message of hope

Aleppo’s destruction has left Syrian children facing some of their darkest days yet. We also know that Aleppo is only one of many besieged cities in Syria and another 400,000 people may be living in similar, if not worse situations.

World Vision partners, Wahana Visi Indonesia arrive in Aceh today to assess earthquake damage

102 casualties have been reported form the 6.5 magnitude earthquake that hit Pide Jaya, Banda Aceh at 05.03 am yesterday. A tsunami hit the province in 2004, however this is the first time a large earthquake has hit this part of Aceh. “Getting help to those in need will be challenging since the area is remote,” said World Vision Indonesia Director, Margarettha Siregar .
Indonesia. World Vision International has appealed for funding of an estimated USD

World Vision laments world leaders’ failure to enact UN resolution on Aleppo

International children’s charity, World Vision has lamented the failure by world leaders to agree on a U.N. Security Council resolution that would have paved way for a seven-day truce in Syria's war-torn city of Aleppo.

Christmas Appeal

Please help prevent malnutrition in vulnerable children. Just £20 could feed a child for two months. A steady supply of emergency food could save their life.

Christmas Appeal

Millions of refugee children have lost everything to hunger, poverty, persecution, or violence – and now to coronavirus. They urgently need your help this Christmas.

Mosul Children Arrive at Camps Terrified | World Vision UK

World Vision staff say that children are arriving at camps too petrified to speak after fleeing the conflict in the Iraqi city of Mosul. Find out more here.
East by making a donation to the Refugee Appeal today. For more info

World Vision braced for massive wave of families fleeing Mosul

World Vision has expressed deep concerns for the welfare and safety of children and families in the Iraqi city of Mosul as fierce fighting began on Monday.
and families by donating to the refugee appeal today. For more

Game of Thrones star and World Vision supporter surprises Syrian refugee in Germany

Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham on Tuesday paid a surprise visit to Hussam, a teenage Syrian refugee, now living in Germany.
it lasts. You can support the Syria Crisis Appeal by donating today.

Hunger in Zimbabwe | Elida’s story of El Nino

This year’s poor rains and drought from El Nino have greatly affected the lives of 12-year old Elida, her two brothers, Christopher, 21, William, 16, and their grandmother, Emma. With the help of World Vision, Elida and her family have been receiving food packs from our office, provided by child sponsors to reach the most vulnerable families.
Zimbabwe. Through our El Nino Crisis Appeal you can help us support the over 1.7 million

Enivens wants a new home - life in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew

Enivens lives in Haiti. His life has been turned upside down in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.
You can donate to our Haiti Hurricane Appeal here

World Vision launches Haiti Hurricane Appeal as storm leaves over four million children at risk and 300 dead

World Vision launches Haiti Hurricane Appeal as storm leaves over four million children at risk and 300 dead
World Vision has launched a global emergency appeal for … people in Haiti. The emergency appeal has been launched to provide immediate … and international public to support our appeal. This appeal will ensure that World Vision

Share my life: two brothers from South Sudan

Recently we met with two brothers from South Sudan; ten-year-old Choul and eight-year-old Rewgok. After fleeing the Unity State and seeking refuge in Juba, all the brothers want is for their parents to join them, and for their safety to be guaranteed.
Rewgok by giving to our South Sudan Crisis Appeal. You can find out about our work and how we

Savings turning into food | Empowering women in Mozambique

A World Vision-supported savings group in Gaza province, southern Mozambique, is helping mothers like Esperança put food on the table for their children and grandchildren. Here, the majority of parents are struggling to feed their children due to the effects of drought that has devastated crops and left a trail of hunger in its wake…
to farmers. Through our El Nino Crisis Appeal you can help us to support hundreds of

World Vision calls the attack a turning point in the war and says ceasefire has achieved nothing

World Vision has expressed shock at an airstrike that hit an aid convoy in Syria, reportedly leaving 12 dead. The UN says 18 trucks were hit on their way to deliver aid to 78,000 people.
You can make a donation to the Syria Crisis Appeal today

A little red love heart on the front door

10-year-old Rama fled Syria with her mother and two sisters when a neighbours house was bombed near Aleppo. Now living in a centre for women and children in Turkey, Rama remembers the things she misses about Syria, her dreams and her wishes for the future...

When the water dries up: Helping Zimbabweans through El Niño

Without thinking, Bert Smit went to wash his hands after a meal. No water came out of the tap. This really hit home how desperate the situation in Zimbabwe has become as El Nino-related drought grips the country. Thankfully, working for World Vision, Bert knew the difference we are making...
Zimbabwe. Through our El Nino Crisis Appeal you can help us to support over 1.7 million

Challenges for refugee mothers at Ugandan settlement

Kiden is a young refugee woman, currently expecting her seventh child. Early July 2016, she fled to Uganda with her family to seek refuge following the wave of conflict that destroyed their home in Juba. Life at a refugee settlement in Uganda hasn't been much better, and provides the family with new challenges to overcome.
find out more about our South Sudan Crisis Appeal and how you can