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Children in coronavirus lockdown spread hope across the world

During the current coronavirus crisis, children are finding ways to bring hope and healing to those around them.

Empowering Girls

Make life better for girls in some of the world’s hardest places. Find out how your donation can change the future for girls in Africa, Asia and across the world.

Empowering Girls

We actively empower girls and women throughout our work, fighting against discrimination, abuse and oppression. We work together with community leaders, teachers, families and the girls themselves, to provide support and awareness ensuring they have equal access to healthcare, education and the promise of a brighter future.

Child sponsorship in Albania: Flavio and Amy's story

After two years of sponsoring and exchanging letters with Flavio, now 11 years old, in Albania, Amy decided to meet him and his family for the first time.
which makes us a perfect match. I left Albania with a new perspective and will make it my

The only ring on young girls' minds should be from the school bell

Every year, 15 million girls under the age of 18 are married - but how can we stop it? It takes a world.

Child labour and how child sponsorship is helping

Child labour is a fact of life for millions of children around the world. You can help us continue to tackle child labour by sponsoring a child today.
Ana in Albania and Khav from Cambodia tell their stories. … child in Bangladesh today. Child labour in Albania UNICEF figures showed that 12 per cent of Albanian children aged

Restoring hope | Getting children to school in Albania

Twelve-year-old Emanuel's transport to school was withdrawn due to lack of funding, and so he had a long trip to class and back every day, even in severely bad weather. He was often ill due to this, until we were able to intervene and make it easier for Emanuel, and hundreds of children like him, to get to school again..
registered children in the Shkodra area of Albania. Our aim is to improve children’s lives as

Overcoming obstacles: a unique visit to Albania

Sue Lavender, a World Vision UK child sponsor, talks about overcoming the challenges associated with being deaf and blind, and going on a fantastic adventure to visit her sponsored child, Olsi and his family in Albania.
met during our short but special stay in Albania. Sue Lavender describes how she … in Albania. My two assistants and I flew out from … we boarded our second flight to Albania where we tried some of our newly learnt

Our day with Brixhilda: Smiles all round

Rachel and her daughter Joanna visit Brixhilda, their sponsored child, in Albania
lunch in Albania is not a snack so don’t plan to eat later. … and I tried out some more of my Albanian. She became very curious and I showed her … for a group walking holiday in Northern Albania. This was too short notice to arrange a

Reflections on meeting Roland

Duncan's reflections on meeting Roland, his sponsored child, in Albania
I thought. Maybe Albanian children didn’t really need sponsors. But … local volunteers told me it was normal for Albanian children to be

Visiting Mira in Albania

Pam and Martin Stratchan visit Mira in Albania who they sponsor through World Vision UK.
know much about Albania. … Albania was experiencing a week of freak weather. We … easy to see poverty in Albania in the same way as it is in

The joy of being a sponsor

Buddha Gurung travels to Albania to meet the little girl, Liza, who he sponsors with World Vision UK
friendship which led him to the foothills of Albania. One morning I woke up and asked … year old girl born to wonderful parents in Albania. I love opening Liza’s letters and finding

Rana Plaza, an anniversary

Jonathan Blagbrough is an independent consultant specialising in child labour, and last summer he met some of the children World Vision works with in Bangladesh. He heard from them about their experiences of child labour and how World Vision is helping them and their families, so they can go back to school and make a better life for themselves.
the Eastern Democratic of Congo and Albania. I joined them on a visit to

Child safety online

In this digital world it is becoming easier to share and find information at the click of a button. The ability to answer those niggling questions, find the best deal or connect with friends quickly is a revelation. But for all the advantages it brings, the internet does have another side. Protecting yourself - and those you care about - online is easier if you follow a few simple rules.
talk about Sarah from Albania but please don’t share her full name.

Christmas at my home

Ersjona is nine years old and lives with her family in Lezha, Albania. Like most children around the world, Christmas is a time of magic and celebration so we recently asked Ersjona to write a letter to sponsors in the UK, explaining what Christmas means to her, and how she celebrates with her family.
Albania. Like most children around the … video of themselves singing a traditional Albanian Christmas song. You can see other videos

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Refugee crisis

We really value your prayers for our work across the world. As a Christian organisation we believe it is important for the goodness and grace of God to permeate all we do. We believe God will use your prayer to bring life in all its fullness to every child, family and community that we work in.
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Buddying up for an Albanian visit

World Vision child sponsor, Chris, shares her story from Albania about our first ever combined sponsor visit where she met her sponsored child, Elvana, and saw some of the inspiring work World Vision have been doing.
requested to visit the same community in Albania at the same time. We decided to put them … plans became reality. We stayed in the Albanian capital

Sponsor a child in Albania

Sponsor a child in Albania and change their lives for the better. Your support will provide education & train families in new farming techniques.
means to Amanda and her family. About Albania While the population of Albania enjoys a … Find out more about Albania and its child sponsorship programme


The latest prayers of children and communities we work with in Myanmar.
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