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Join us on International Women's Day

Let the past inspire our future!

Strong Women Strong World invites you to celebrate International Women's Day


Please join us over drinks and canapés to hear inspiring stories from strong women. Come and experience an immersive and interactive evening in honour of women's achievements and the communities that empower them, past and present. Let the past inspire our future!

WHEN: Wednesday 8 March 2023, 6:00pm-8:30pm

WHERE: 10 Union Street, London SE1 1SZ

TICKETS: £10 per person

About Strong Women Strong World

At World Vision, we intentionally focus on women and girls in every aspect of our work, because we know that when women and girls are empowered, everyone wins.

World Vision’s Strong Women Strong World is a movement of people who believe gender equality is key to effective development and creating a peaceful and stable world. Who stand for equal rights, freedoms, access and opportunities for women and girls – so that families are better cared for, communities are more prosperous, and progress is accelerated.

By joining World Vision’s Strong Women Strong World movement and events, you can help every woman and girl reach her full potential.

Empower Women and Girls

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