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Helping Sierra Leone’s most vulnerable children

World Vision started working in Sierra Leone in March 1996 during the civil war. After the war ended, our work moved into long-term development programmes – helping communities to rebuild and move forward.

World Vision donors from around the world have so far helped 750,000 children – and their families and communities – in Sierra Leone. Child sponsors from the UK are currently bringing change to four long-term projects: Jaiama Bongor, Jong, Tegloma and Imperi.


Issue: Two-thirds of the people are subsistence farmers, growing just enough food to feed themselves and their families.

In 2017, our savings groups’ memberships grew by 35% 6,662 households received improved seeds

The number of families facing hunger has dropped – from 95.9% in 2016 to 23.3% in 2017.



Issue: Malnutrition, unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene and lack of birth support, are all endangering children’s health.

In 2017: In the areas where we work, 82% of births were assisted by skilled birth attendants (against a national average of 54%).

And 85% of children were immunised on time (compared with 58% nationally).


Issue: 40% of people still get their drinking water from unprotected sources.

In 2017 49,670 people gained access to clean drinking water and 47 boreholes were drilled.


Child Protection

Aim: Children can feels safe and secure, enjoying positive relationships with their families and communities.

Impact: New children's groups and special events for the Day of the African Child, are building children’s confidence and leadership skills.



Issue: The good news is that school enrolment is going up – but local schools are struggling to meet demand, leading to overcrowded and under-resourced classrooms.

In 2017: 225 classrooms were built and furnished – helping 63,880 students.

168,474 children are getting a better education after 3,364 teachers trained on improved teaching methods.

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Sierra Leone flag

Time: The time is GMT+0.

Capital: Sierra Leone’s capital is Freetown

Currency: Sierra Leonean leone

Civil war: A coup in 1992 deposed President Momoh, leading to 10 years of violence, coups and power struggles. By its end in January 2002 an estimated 50,000 people had died and approx. 2 million had been displaced.

People: The population of Sierra Leone is now more than 7.8 million. (UN estimate 2019) Main languages: English, Temne, Mende and Krio.


Fact and figures from WVI Sierra Leone and Britannica