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Helping the most vulnerable children in Honduras

Honduras has one of the highest rates of inequality in Latin America, with almost half of rural families living in extreme poverty.

World Vision has been working in Honduras since 1974. In 2018 about 118,000 Honduran families were supported through the help of donors and partners across the world. Child sponsors in the UK are helping families in our Maya long-term programme.


Impact: Honduras is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. This profoundly affects the economy – which is reliant on exporting food. We’re helping the next generation through life skills classes, teaching critical thinking, communications skills and self-care.


Impact: Prevention is better than cure. We’re helping children and families to improve their sanitation and hygiene, and building new toilets for boys and girls in schools.


Impact: Through building new wells and water systems, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people to get the clean drinking water they need.

Child Protection

Impact: We’re protecting childhoods by raising awareness of the negative effects of child labour. We’re also helping to shift attitudes towards violence against children, providing skills for parenting with love and respect instead of violence. Whole communities are becoming involved, with voluntary child protection teams ensuring that abuse it tackled by the authorities.


Impact: As parents understand the effects of child labour, more children are able to stay in school. We’re making sure they can get a quality education by creating larger classrooms and repairing and restoring existing structures.

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Honduran flag

Capital: The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa

Currency: Honduran Lempira (HNL)

People: The population of Honduras is now over 9.2 million. (World Bank, 2017)

Main language: Spanish


Fact and figures from WVI Honduras