World Vision UK: Our Impact

As a charity, your donations enable our work. So we want to show you the impact of our programmes in a transparent and inspiring way: detailing how children’s lives have improved as a result of our interventions, and also reflecting on how we can be even more effective in the future.

Using evaluations and reviews of our work in 2016, we're pleased to be able to share our:

  • Impact video - which demonstrates our impact in Nepal and summarises our work round the world
  • Impact report - which summarises the impact of all World Vision UK-funded projects in 2016


This is the seventh, annual Impact Report produced by World Vision UK, and as in previous years we present both the ‘breadth of impact’, particularly the number of children we have reached with our programming, and the ‘depth of impact’, looking at the nature of change in their lives.

In 2016 World Vision UK supported a total of 310 projects across 39 countries by a combination of institutional and individual donors.

•    Total number of beneficiaries: 7,550,772
•    Of these, children made up: 4,383,448

We have focused our report on three key areas of the UK strategy; child protection, child health and humanitarian response and resilience. Other sections look at: UK based advocacy work to influence key decision makers in the UK; work to improve our accountability to those we serve; and looking at the quality of our data.

Read more about the work of World Vision UK in our 2016 Impact report:

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Snapshot: Our Impact in 2016:

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