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How sponsorship works

The child is real. The change you make is real.
When you sponsor a child from £26 a month, you join other sponsors - and your sponsored child's community - to overcome the challenges that threaten children's futures.

Why choose World Vision?

We are the world’s largest international children’s charity, working to bring real hope to millions of children in the world’s hardest places.

How sponsorship works

When you sponsor a child for £26 a month it brings much needed change to one child… and many more. The benefits you help provide, extend to your child's family, their community and other children in need. This is because we partner, plan and work alongside local community members to help build healthy, sustainable communities for vulnerable children in the world’s hardest places.

What will actually change?

Each community has different needs, but from £26 per month you will be providing them with:

What makes child sponsorship special?

"Meeting my sponsored child was one of the best days of my life"

Amanda from Buckinghamshire has been sponsoring children for nearly 30 years.

Watch her story above to find out why child sponsorship is such an enriching life experience

Create lasting change

When you sponsor a child, you transform their life by helping to create lasting changes for their entire community

We work with whole communities to understand what they need.

We then work together to plan and deliver the changes that will make life better for them and their children - now and always.

What do I get as a sponsor?

This week

Sign up to My Sponsorship - your online account where you'll find updates, news and videos from your sponsored child and their community. You can even email your child, send them photos or find out what the weather is like where they live!

Next week

Within the first week of signing up, we’ll email you a video of your sponsored child’s community giving you an insight into their daily life.

Within two weeks

You’ll receive a welcome pack with more information, a photo of your sponsored child, and a postcard - so you can easily write to them.

In 12 weeks time

You'll have received your very first letter from your sponsored child. You can write to them anytime by post or online via My Sponsorship. We'll translate and hand-deliver every message and you'll always get a reply.

On your child’s birthday and at Christmas

We’ll send you a card that you can add a message to for you sponsored child. Don’t be surprised if these arrive a couple of months before the big day - it’s just to make sure they get there in time.

Once a year

We’ll send you a progress update every year, including:

  • A new photo so you can see how they’ve grown
  • An update on how their life is changing
  • Details on how your donations have been used in the community that year
  • A note or drawing from your sponsored child.

You can visit your child

Visiting your sponsored child is a great way to see for yourself the difference that sponsorship makes. You can experience first-hand the transformation that your generosity can bring to a community living in poverty.

So what next?

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor me

Sa Thea, Age 7

Frequently Asked Questions

World Vision only works within countries where we have our own offices; this way, we ensure that we can fully account for all the money that we receive. We have audited accounts that are publically available at any time. As a charity, we're regulated by the Charities Commission – a legal body, which oversees all UK charities and their activities. We are a not-for-profit organisation, and we know that the continued support we receive is dependent on our efficient use of supporters’ money. Our Annual Report is available to anyone who requests it.

In every case, it's the community members themselves who decide which children will become sponsored and represent their community.

We work with national governments and other international agencies to identify the regions and communities that are most in need, some of the hardest places where the most vulnerable children live. We then meet with community leaders and the wider community to gain a greater understanding of the challenges and the opportunities that exist for them and we develop a long-term plan together, to break the cycle of poverty. Find out more about what happens when you sponsor a child.

When you sponsor a child you'll bring much-needed change to more than just one child — the benefits you help provide extends to each child's family, their community and other children in need. This is because World Vision partners, plans and works alongside local community members to help build healthy, sustainable communities for vulnerable children in the world’s hardest places. Learn more about how Child Sponsorship works.

Millions of children around the world need help to break the never-ending cycle of poverty. Hunger weakens them. Unsafe drinking water makes them sick. Missing out on an education can stop them from reaching their potential.

Sponsor a child, and you'll help give a child access to life-changing basics like nutritious food, clean water, healthcare and education.

We work with a community, establishing together what work's needed, and set realistic goals for what can be achieved. If something's not working, we'll review it and change it. Whether it’s training people how to set up their own small business, drilling a borehole or developing irrigation systems with farmers to produce a better yield – we want lasting change so that communities are equipped to give their children the best start in life. More on how sponsoring a child works.

Sponsoring a child with World Vision costs just 85p a day, or £26 a month. And because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, 4 more children benefit too. Find out how.

In each community where we work, our staff and volunteers are closely monitoring the coronavirus situation. We’re already adjusting to respond to the changing needs. There are three different scenarios where sponsored children live:

1. Our Child Sponsorship programmes are operating as usual and are already responding or are preparing to respond. In these communities, we’ll focus on preventing the spread of the virus and mitigating its effects. We're also working with health authorities to spread accurate information about coronavirus to our community partners.

2. Our Child Sponsorship programmes are operating, but with some restrictions. In these communities, we've paused some of our less time-critical work to limit close contact between children and other people, but all other work continues.

3. Our Child Sponsorship programmes are on hold and an emergency response is underway. Staff and volunteers are focusing on trying to keep the children we serve safe. This may include assisting with home learning if schools are closed, by providing school materials and activities, or preventing the separation or stigmatisation of children during treatment and isolation.

Learn more about our work to protect children from the spread of coronavirus.

When you sponsor a child the donation you give doesn't go directly to your sponsored child or family. That's because experience has taught us it’s more effective to use the money on projects that will benefit your sponsored child’s community as a whole, at the same time improving the wellbeing of the child you sponsor.

We have 70 years of experience working with parents and communities to improve the lives of children. We’ve learnt a lot in that time, and we're very good at it.

We help to change a child’s life by working with the community where they live. Children are often the first to feel the impact of poverty. Being community-based means that World Vision’s development experts work with the whole community to address their priorities for improving the lives of their children.

The challenges that communities face keep their children from reaching their full potential. For example, a community that doesn't have access to clean water will inevitably have children that are unhealthy. Communities without ways for families to generate income, have more children that can't afford to go to school or eat. Communities that can't access government services like healthcare and birth registration are limited in what they can provide for their children.

However, building a better community for children takes time. It involves things like building trusting relationships so we can work together, teaching people new skills and providing them with the right tools. It also includes transforming mindsets and looking at the importance of doing things differently so their children can have better futures. Our work within a community usually stretches over 10-15 years. The impact of child-focused community development is ongoing and along the way children’s health improves, communities become more resilient and families gain hope for their children.

£26 per month is what it costs for us to do this, but it works. We know it works because we have 70 years experience of making it work.

When you sponsor a child you'll be given the opportunity to find out how they're doing alongside regular news from their community that will help you build a relationship that could change both of your lives. You’ll be able to see changes for yourself on your My Sponsorship account - a special place on our website with videos, photos and news from your sponsored child and their community. You can easily send messages to them on here too.

"I am so happy to have a friend in another country that I can write to and share pictures with," says sponsored child Nareh from Armenia. “I am studying the Armenian alphabet. When I learn them all, I will teach them to my distant friend. I am so happy to have a friend in another country.”