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Wars and natural disasters are terrifying and traumatic experiences for children.

We’re always one of the first organisations to respond to humanitarian emergencies bringing essential life-saving support but also, and just as importantly, ensuring children feel safe and protected.

Zimbabwe food insecurity

Towards the end of 2018, urban food insecurity in Harare, Zimbabwe, intensified due to shortages in currency and fuel, rapid inflation and other economic setbacks. These issues caused the prices of basic food to increase dramatically.

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Guatemala and Mexico displacement

On 13 October 2018, approximately 4,000 individuals left San Pedro Sula, Honduras heading for the United States and better economic opportunities, via Guatemala and Mexico.

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Uganda flood and landslide

In October 2018, three days of heavy rain broke the banks of the River Tsuume. The events that followed killed 51 people and affected 12,000 more.

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Ecuador-Venezuelan migrant crisis

The continuation of widespread social and economic unrest in Venezuela has led to the displacement of millions of people.

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El Salvador floods

5 October 2018 saw two low pressure systems cross over El Salvador. The collision of these two weather fronts caused continuous heavy rainfall for four days.

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Peru-Venezuelan migrant crisis

The economic crisis in Venezuela has resulted in increased migration to other countries in South America.

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