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With the Syria crisis in its ninth year, over 13.1 million people, among which 5 million are vulnerable children, have been plunged into desperate need. Over 5.9 million Syrians are displaced within Syria and over 5.6 million have been forced to seek refuge outside of Syria (mainly in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon), over half of those children. OCHA.

Access to water, food, education and basic health services remain the biggest priorities.

According to OCHA, Syria's standard of living has regressed by almost four decades due to the conflict.

• Four out of five Syrians now live in poverty.

• Life expectancy has dropped by more than 20 years.

“We all have a responsibility to the children of Syria: to help rebuild their country and create a peaceful future; and to protect their rights – to an education, to a childhood – wherever they’re living.” Justin Byworth - Global Humanitarian Director, World Vision International.


Helping Syria’s children

In Syria, millions of children have lived through more than eight years of relentless war. Many children don’t know what it’s like to live without the threat of violence. Eight years of conflict have caused harm and suffering to children and their communities. The UN Secretary General’s most recent Annual Report on Children and Armed Conflict (2019) found that 2018 saw the highest number of verified grave violations against children ever verifiedin the country, including killing, maiming, and attacks on schools and hospitals.


Over one third or nearly 3 million school-age Syrian children are not in education, both inside and Syria and in refugee hosting countries. For those that do attend school, the education system is fragmented and overburdened, which has a major impact on the quality and certification of learning.

All of this is expected to have a severe impact on their mental and emotional wellbeing. As children

and adolescents struggle to see any future beyond this conflict, there's fear that they could become a lost generation.

You can help us support the most vulnerable children in Syria by donating to our Syria Crisis Appeal »

Watch this video to experience what Syrian children in forced child labour live each day, to make ends meet


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You can help us stand with Syria's most vulnerable children by donating to our Syria Crisis Appeal

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Fears and Dreams

We asked Syrian children in Jordan and Lebanon about their fears and dreams. Approximately 60 per cent expressed fears for their personal safety or worry about losing a close relative. These statistics almost match those of a similar survey that was taken in 2017.

Whilst the Syrian children that we spoke to now live within host countries that are perceived to be safe, they often have few rights, lack of social infrastructure and increased vulnerability to violence most commonly in the forms of early marriage or child labour.

“My biggest dream is to learn and study to become a doctor — to treat and cure people. But because of the war that started in Syria, I couldn’t achieve that dream. Now that I am in Jordan, I still want to pursue my dream of studying, but I was forced to go out to work to support my family. I couldn’t continue studying.” - Sara, age 15 The dreams of the children were overwhelmingly similar. Many spoke of future professions (37%), finding love and happiness (16%) and ending conflict and climate change (14%).

Read the full report here »

How can you help?

You’ve helped so many children; but as Syria heads into its ninth year of conflict, humanitarian needs continue to grow, and more and more families need urgent support. But they're still children. They deserve a childhood and hope for the future. 

You can donate to our Syria Crisis Appeal


Pray for those that have been made homeless, lost loved ones and have been displaced. Through not only continued conflict, but also drought and flash flooding.


Recently we have used funds from Start Fund to address health needs in Bardarash camp. We are targeting 11,000 people with hygiene kits and health promotion messaging.

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Since 2011 we've been working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon and with the local communities.

See the difference our child friendly spaces have on the refugee children in Lebanon.

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Since 2013 we have been working alongside Syrian refugees in Jordan and with the local communities who are hosting them. In 2018, World Vision programmes supported over 310,000 people in Jordan.

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Thank you

So far, you've helped us raise over £1.5 million for those impacted by the war in Syria.