Christmas Charities - How can I help charities this Christmas?


At Christmas it can be easy to get caught up in deciding what gifts to buy, trying to avoid double booking visits with friends and family, and deciding how much to cook on Christmas Day. Christmas is a time of giving, so when you’re writing your shopping list consider helping charities this Christmas. This time of year, we need your help more than ever – and your support is crucial to our work.

At Christmas, charities work around the clock to help those in need. Whether it’s helping provide warmth and food for people without homes, caring for animals bought as unwanted Christmas presents, or looking out for vulnerable children around the world. At World Vision we believe every child is a gift from God, and at this special time of year we make sure no child is forgotten about. So, if you’re looking for a way to give back this year, here’s a handy list of ways to support charities at Christmas… find out how you can help.


Christmas charity - Sponsored child Chansa, Zambia

1. Sponsor a child for Christmas

Sponsoring a child with World Vision helps to provide children and communities with the life-saving essentials that we often take for granted. We serve communities in some of the world’s most vulnerable places to make sure the children are safe and cared for. When you sponsor a child for just £26 a month, you’ll help provide them with clean water, nutritious food, a good education, and keep them free from child labour and danger.

Child Sponsorship means that you’ll be the child’s only sponsor, and you’ll see them grow through the years through letters, drawings and photos. It truly is an incredible feeling seeing your encouragement and support bring joy and positivity to a child’s life. When you sponsor a child, you can send cards and gifts to share the Christmas spirit with a child in another country.

If you’re looking for a way to not only make a difference in a child’s life, but to see the enormity of your impact through the years, Child Sponsorship is a great gift to yourself or a family member this Christmas.

Sponsor a child for Christmas

2. Charity Christmas Gifts

Looking for an alternative gift for friends and family this year? Something that won’t end up in a landfill or gathering dust on a shelf? Something that will truly make a difference?

If you struggle to decide what your friends or family might like at Christmas, or you just want to find something a bit more meaningful, charity gifts may be the perfect choice for you. World Vision Christmas Must Have Gifts help change the lives of children and their communities in some of the world’s poorest places. By giving a loved one a charity gift, you’ll give the greatest gift of all – the knowledge that they’ve changed the life of someone who truly needs it.

A charity gift is a gift for everyone, so if you’re searching for gifts that will bring you – and your loved ones – true joy this year, look no further. Charity gifts are truly a gift for all, as they will enrich Christmas for you and the recipients of your gifts, plus they will make a real difference to people in need.


Charity gifts - 5-year-old Shaka in Rwanda


Choose from a range of life-changing and enriching World Vision Christmas charity gifts including:

Choose charity Christmas gifts

3. Give a one-off donation

If this time of excess food, gifts, and spending makes you think of the less fortunate, you can change a life by donating even a small amount to a charity this Christmas.

This year we’re appealing for donations to help vulnerable children who will spend this Christmas homeless. When you’re adding Christmas crackers, extra tinsel, or a spare bottle of wine to your festive shopping list, don’t forget to add the gift of helping a child find a home. 


Charity gifts at Christmas - Homeless boy Rohit in India


Your generous gift today means that homeless children will:

  • Get essential medical care, hygiene, and nutritious meals at drop-in centres
  • Receive education and vocational training to give them hope for a future free from poverty
  • Be united with trusted family members who will support and care for them

One Christmas we met Thiri. She had spent four years living on the side of the road in an abusive environment. She had no way to return to school, no home, and no-one to turn to. Thanks to generous donations she found safe refuge at a World Vision drop-in centre and was later reunited with her aunt who cares for her as her own daughter.

Millions of children like Thiri still need your help this Christmas. Donate to help children find a home today.

4. Volunteer for charities this Christmas

There are loads of charities across the UK that need extra help and support over Christmas. If you have spare time to donate, you could help provide a helping hand in charity shops, food banks, soup kitchens, night shelters, animal rescue shelters, fundraising events, and various other opportunities. Websites like help you find volunteering opportunities near you, or visit our website for opportunities to volunteer for World Vision. You should also look for opportunities to donate Christmas gifts from previous years that you haven’t used. Things that may be clutter to you could help bring joy to someone less fortunate at Christmas. And if you have children, look for ways to donate toys for Christmas to help support a family through this season.


Celebrating a borehole installation - Mali

It’s easy to share your Christmas joy with people all around the world this year. Give a child a Christmas this year by sponsoring a child, for a truly fulfilling gift that will bring you a lifetime of joy, happiness, and enrichment. It really is the gift that lasts a lifetime, for you and for your sponsored child.