Urgent aid needed to avert humanitarian catastrophe in Somalia

The UK government has today pledged an additional £26.4million in funding for Somalia, where 5.4 million people are grappling with a hunger crisis caused by drought and conflict.

We urge International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt to put pressure on the international community to follow Britain’s lead in responding urgently to this crisis before it’s too late.

In 2011, a failure by the international community to act quickly meant that 260,000 people died from a devastating famine in Somalia. We cannot and must not let that happen again.

Somalia cannot wait. Half of the 5.4 million people in need of assistance are children, and 1.2 million children under five years old are projected to be malnourished this year.

While we commend the commitment to delivering a total of £46million in aid by the end of the month, we know it’s imperative that Ms Mordaunt’s strong words are backed up by equally strong action. Last year, early action prevented Somalia’s hunger crisis from spiralling out of control, but families are still in dire need.

- Sarah Pickwick, World Vision UK’s Senior Conflict Advisor

You can help children affected by the crisis in Somalia - please give to our Somalia Crisis Appeal »