World Vision mobilises to rescue children traumatised by the Mexico City earthquake

Global children’s charity, World Vision, mobilises to rescue and support children traumatised by the massive 7.1 earthquake that struck Mexico yesterday

More than 200 people are known to have died, and hundreds are believed to be trapped in buildings. Around 40% of the city is without power.

Victor Cas, World Vision Mexico’s communication manager said, “I heard this rumble in the walls, so I rushed downstairs. The floor was literally jumping”.

Mexican leader, President Nieto, has urged people to find shelter in safe buildings amid reports that over 44 buildings have collapsed.

Cas went on, “Scores of buildings have collapsed in several areas of Mexico City and areas close to the epicentre. We know that children have died in schools in the southern part of the city.

“Right now, we are deploying our staff to the worst affected areas of the capital, as well as Puebla and Morelos to help with the rescue effort. Teams of volunteers are on the ground removing rubble piece by piece. Our priority is to save lives.”

Rescue efforts continued through the night in the densely-populated capital.

Cas said, “We are working with the emergency services to establish shelters, as well as distribute and hygiene kits.

“Our specialists will provide emotional support for children. These disasters are incredibly traumatic for children some of whom will have lost their friends, families and homes in this earthquake.”

You can help children and their families affected by the earthquake - please donate to our Mexico Earthquake Appeal 2017 »