Refugee Crisis: UK "cannot turn a blind eye"

Wednesday 04, May, 2016

Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, David has re-iterated his position that the UK should not be encouraging refugees to make dangerous journeys to Britain by taking in lone child refugees from Europe. World Vision UK is among agencies backing calls for the UK Government to take refugees already in the continent.

World Vision UK urges local councils to house lone child refugees

Monday 09, May, 2016

International children’s charity World Vision UK is urging local councils across the UK to ‘pull out all the stops’ in finding homes for unaccompanied refugee children from Europe.

Anti-Corruption summit should go beyond lip service and provide room for civil society to function in the most affected countries

Wednesday 11, May, 2016

International children’s charity World Vision UK has urged global leaders meeting in London for the 2016 anti-corruption summit to provide room for civilians and aid agencies to function freely in countries most affected by graft and violence.

Reaction: Anti-corruption summit pays little attention to concerns of civil society

Friday 13, May, 2016

International children’s charity World Vision UK has welcomed the anti-corruption summit’s commitments but questioned its focus.

“Sustainable Development Goals impossible to attain without funding revolution,” warns World Vision UK

Thursday 19, May, 2016

Aid agency World Vision UK warns that an increasingly fragile and unstable world could put the global sustainable development goals at risk unless a new funding approach is established.

Grand Bargain helps move humanitarian system away from one-system-fits-all approach

Monday 23, May, 2016

The humanitarian system must move away from a centralised, one-system-fits-all approach.

Innovative technology and tools the key to revolutionising humanitarian responses

Tuesday 24, May, 2016

A coordinated approach is urgently needed when it comes to technologies, tools and models in humanitarian innovation, says World Vision.

"A positive step forward," says World Vision post-World Humanitarian Summit

Wednesday 25, May, 2016

World Vision was pleased with the level of participation and commitments to its core priorities.