Child marriage through children's eyes

Every day 32,000 girls become child brides.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are only making it worse, with a report by Manusher Jonno Foundation finding that child marriage has increased sharply in Bangladesh, with 462 girls falling victim in June alone.

Here, children from one of World Vision's programme areas draw scenes from a child marriage.

The child bride

Wedding day

The marriage ceremony. The child bride sits beside the groom, while other girls her age go to school.

End of childhood

The husband holds his new bride's hands and throws her toy in the fire. She cries.

Lonely life

Above & below: The child bride is cooking in her homestead while her friends walk past, going to school.

I was a burden of my family just by being a girl. In this society being born as a girl is a sin.

I had to bury all of dreams. Now I felt like being shackled with an invisible rope for the rest of my life.

- Shoshi (pseudonym), 13, was married in June 2020

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