Sending your letter

Delivering your letter can be quite an adventure! Once it arrives in your child’s country it may still have hundreds more miles to go – by bike, on foot or even by donkey – before it reaches your child.

To ensure that whatever you send to your child arrives safely, please follow these steps:

  1. Write your sponsored child’s full name and ID number at the top of your letter. Write your own name and supporter ID underneath. (Please don’t ever include your address, telephone number or email address.)
  2. Please write in English – your letters will be translated (a good reason to keep what you write fairly short)
  3. Always use an envelope, even for postcards. Please do not send aerogrammes, or large parcels. Anything larger than an A4 envelope is too big. Send it to the address on the back of your child’s profile or click here for a full list of our National Office addresses.
  4. Add an airmail sticker, plus the right postage for airmail (your post office can tell you what that will be).
  5. Finally, write your sponsored child’s full name and ID number on the back of the envelope too.


Who we are

World Vision believes that by working together with children, their communities, and our supporters and partners, the lives of the world’s most vulnerable children can be transformed. As a Christian organisation, we aspire to reflect God’s unconditional love in all we do.

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In 2017 donations from the UK
transformed the lives of more than

3m children

World Vision UK total expenditure

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goes directly to charitable activities
is invested in fundraising