Syria Crisis Appeal

The conflicts in Syria, Iraq and the surrounding regions have been ongoing for nearly six years.
6 million children have now lost their homes. Families are escaping the regions in the hope of finding safety, with many children travelling unaccompanied

Please donate now to save lives and protect Syrian children.


According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) 11.3 million Syrians have fled their homes seeking safety in remote areas of Syria, neighbouring countries and Europe.

We are still helping families in Syria and the surrounding region, including those fleeing from Mosul in Iraq. As the crisis deepens, families are still struggling to meet basic needs - with many in urgent need of food, shelter and household essentials like blankets and hygiene items.

Children urgently still need your support as the humanitarian need continues to grow, becoming more desperate than ever.

How your money can help

  • £52 could provide school supplies, hygiene kits, blankets and notes of encouragement to 3 children so they know they are not forgotten.
  • £78 could provide life-saving food to a refugee family for a month.
  • £175 could provide a child with nutritious food, clean water, medical care, education and a safe place to stay for a month.



World Vision's response to this crisis is continually expanding and we will use your donation to help children and families in the Syria region and refugees arriving in Europe.

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