The UK Church in action

Along with Barna Group, we are launching the latest research on The UK Church in Action: Perceptions of Social Justice and Mission in a Changing World.

We will be sharing compelling anecdotal and best practice insight around the relationship between faith and development, and will focus on the role of faith leaders in local community development. Our hope is to facilitate informed discussions, particularly around social justice and evangelism.

This research will help you as a church to understand how mission and the church's role in social justice, advocacy and charity are defined today. You'll also learn how effective we're perceived to be in these areas, according to those who lead, attend or do not attend church.

Drawing from surveys of the general population, active Christians and church leaders, The UK Church in Action includes:

  • An eye-opening look at how UK adults view and describe faith communities
  • Infographics and charts that illustrate perceptions and activities related to social justice
  • Interviews with leading theologians and activists in the Church
  • An overview of the ideals, programmes, metrics and partnerships that define mission work
  • Barna Global analysis about how different generations approach the Church’s call to care for those in need

Our prayer is that you will be inspired and challenged by what you read, that the findings will prove useful to you in your ministry and that, together, we might be better able to shine God's light in the darkest places of our communities.

Download The UK Church in Action research along with accompanying videos below.

Part 1: The UK Church Is In Action

Part 2: Perceptions of Churches & The Problem of Indifference

Part 3: Social Justice and Mission

Part 4: Partners for the Future

Part 5: The Mission of the Church