June Edition

Flaming June! Is a popular phrase, usually uttered in complete disbelief, as the UK weather is often anything but ‘flaming’. As those previously pitching tents at the Glastonbury Festival or queuing up to buy their strawberries and cream at Wimbledon can testify.

However, the British obsession with the weather is likely to be overshadowed this June with disbelief about the unprecedented impact the Coronavirus is having on lives in the UK and around the world.

God has tasked us at World Vision to help the world’s most vulnerable children. And as Coronavirus takes hold in places where the most vulnerable live, we know the impact on children will be devastating. So, let’s pray daily, keeping our eyes on the Lord that we will not be shaken from our mission to enable every child to lead a full life.

‘I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.’ Psalm 16:8 (NIV)

Image Caption: Please pray for children like 10-year-old Rahaf. A refugee from Syria, living in Lebanon.


Coronavirus does impact vulnerable children

In the UK children aren’t considered to be at significant risk from Coronavirus, however, this isn’t the case in other parts of the world. In low income countries, many children are likely to have serious underlying health conditions such as malaria or malnutrition. And this makes them more vulnerable to coronavirus. And sadly, in such times, children are likely to face the heightened risk of violence, neglect, abuse and exploitation.

Social distancing is impossible

10-year-old Rahaf lives with her family in Lebanon. Living in an overcrowded refugee settlement means the risk of her and her family catching a contagious illness like coronavirus is extremely high. Self-isolation is virtually impossible, health systems are fragile, and most people cannot afford to go to the doctor even if they do get sick.

The situation for Rahaf and her brothers and sisters is desperate and their parents are afraid for them. Her mum Fatima says, “I still recall the bombing in Syria and how scary it was, but you can hear the explosion and run away from it. This virus is unseen and unheard, it is like an invisible weapon.”

A global response is needed

Families like Rahaf’s have no safety net. Millions of parents like Ziad and Fatima have no way to provide for and protect their children as cases of the virus continue to grow. We’re providing food and other essentials to make sure families like Rahaf’s can survive. And we’re scaling up prevention measures in Lebanon and around the world.

Spanning every place we work, World Vision’s Coronavirus response is our largest ever to limit the spread and impact of COVID-19. Our ambition is to reach 72 million people, half of them children, over the next 18 months, with life-changing interventions.

And we continue to pray that children and communities stay safe in the face of this threat because together, ordinary people can make an extraordinary impact to the lives of the most vulnerable children.


“I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken”. Psalm 16:8”


Father, please protect vulnerable children like 10-year-old Rahaf living in Lebanon. Protect families from the spread of COVID-19, as they live in cramped and overcrowded camps. And Lord where there is no work, give families the support they need to feed their children.

Lord Jesus we pray for Your protection over all children and families living in refugee camps, where self-isolation is virtually impossible. Children have already fled from one enemy and are now facing another. Lord ease their fears and send your peace.

Thank you, Lord, for calling World Vision to work with the world’s most vulnerable children over the past 70 years. Thank you that respect and trust has been built with communities and partners around the world and that this has helped to transform children’s lives. Lord, we come together in prayer to show our love for all humanity and ensure the world’s most vulnerable children are kept safe. Amen.


  • Help your children to pray. Prayer Pockets is an activity to help encourage and engage children to pray creatively during this time.

    Ages: Age 4 - 8

    Materials: Pens, Paper or Card, scissors. A jacket, dressing gown or an item of clothing with 2 pockets.

    Encourage your children to think of people they would like to pray for – they can be celebrities, family and friends. Think BIG! Write the names on pieces of paper and cut them out.

    Use the left pocket to put the names in, you can get either the adult or child to wear the jacket and pick out names at random to pray for. Once the person has been prayed for put the piece of paper in the right pocket.

    You can choose the number of people to pick and pray for e.g. pick one in the morning and one at night, it’s up to you.

    The idea is that when the child/or adult puts the jacket on it makes it a prayer moment. And they will look forward to seeing who gets chosen.

  • Neighbourliness. In this time of lockdown our friends at Your Neighbour are connecting people in need, wherever they are in the UK to a church near them to offer practical support, such as a trip to the shops or pharmacy, or even just a friendly chat. So please share YourNeighbour.org in your online church service.

  • Worship as a weapon. Coronavirus has sent the world into lockdown but our opportunity in this time is to worship. Worship is a weapon in lockdown, just as it was for Paul & Silas (Acts 16: 25 – 26) to pray for freedom and healing. We therefore hope you enjoy the worship and prayer films below.

Let’s lift our voices loudly in prayer and worship in this season.

Watch - Worship & Prayer Films

We really value your prayers for our work and ask that you also send your prayer requests to us at: prayer@worldvision.org.uk

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