World Vision is committed to partnering with the people of Honduras to improve their lives today and to help deliver sustainable solutions for the future of their children, families and communities.

Please pray for our work with the poorest children in Malawi

Pray for Beatrice

Beatrice, 10, lives with her mum, dad, and four siblings. Her family have very little and struggle to make ends meet. Beatrice shares, “On good days we eat twice a day but on bad days we drink just tea or porridge and go to bed. At times my mum’s older sister brings food for us. She is very kind.”

Beatrice used to love going to school and dreamt of becoming a teacher. But as her family has less and less food, school has become harder. “I walk more than five kilometres to get to school. Most of the time I am hungry and it is very hard for me to walk to school. It is tiring and once I am in school it’s hard to concentrate. This makes me not enjoy being in school. At times my friend Marita shares her food with me. She looks out for me like I am family. I love spending time with her. When I have free time, we play netball.”

Beatrice remembered, “My happiest time is Christmas season. There is food for us to eat then. Last Christmas, I ate rice, chicken and had juice called Fanta. I was full and happy. I wish Christmas would come every day. What made it even more special was my Christmas card that my sponsor sent me. It was the first card I ever received and it made me feel special that someone thinks of me.

“When I grow up, I want to be a teacher. My request is that you pray for me and my family, that we can have enough food to eat. It is good to know that you are praying for us.”

Please pray that God would surround Beatrice and her family with his love, peace and hope. Pray that they will be able to find ways of earning enough money so Beatrice and her siblings have enough to eat, clothes to wear and can go to school.

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Prayers for Kayezi

Alias is 17 years old and was born healthy.  At about the age of 11, his legs and hands began to grow weak and eventually he wasn’t able to use them, leaving Alias physically disabled. His life changed dramatically and his education was disrupted.

He dropped out of school in grade 8 because he had to depend on others to move him from place to place. His parents are his only care-givers. Please pray for Alias, for God to open doors for him to be given more support so he can live an easier life. Pray also for healing and medical treatment for Alias.

Grace is 8 years old and is in grade 2 at school.  She has always been a bright child and was top of her class. However, last year she began loosing her sight. Her teachers explained how she could not see from afar and had to be put right in the front of the class for her to be able to see the board and follow lessons.  Eventually, she could not see anything on the chalkboard even from close proximity.  The doctors say she has not gone completely blind, but none of them have been able to give her the medical help she needs to restore her sight.

Please pray for Grace, that God guides her doctors so that they can give her the proper treatment to restore her sight.

Mark is staying with his grandfather because his parents abandoned him after both of them remarried.  He once lived with both his parents and loved being with his whole family. Mark explained, “it all happened so quickly and before I knew it, my family was broken apart”.

Suddenly, his own parents didn’t wanted Mark because they both found new partners who didn’t want him around. Since then, life has been a struggle for Mark and its made it hard for him to complete his schooling.

Please pray that Mark’s parents have a change of heart and spend time with him and look after him. May he have love, support and comfort and be able to finish his schooling.

We thank God for our child sponsors and other donors who partner with us to support and care for children and their families. We ask God to bless them and we thank them for changing fear into hope.

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