World Vision garden show

Visit the garden at RHS Hampton Court, 5-8 July. Garden designer John Warland promises to produce yet another winning conceptual garden.

Taking the unpredictability of life as his starting point, John will use waves of turf to create a stunning  and thought-provoking horticultural installation. The garden will ponder the vulnerability of children, especially those surviving in the many extreme places, such as Ebola-hit Sierra Leone, where World Vision works.

However, tulips, delicate windflowers and daisies remind us of the innocence of childhood. Coupled with tall trees they provide the positive message that by sponsoring a child with World Vision, we can work together to give these children a better future; a future free from fear.

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maria's story

Like the undulating waves of turf in the World Vision garden, nine-year-old Maria has already endured many ups and downs. The garden’s daisy-filled meadow symbolises the innocence of the carefree childhood we all want for our children. But Maria’s days are anything but...


Ebola tore through Sierra Leone, ripping Maria's family away. Her dad, little brother and finally her mum were taken - leaving Maria an orphan. She now lives with an uncle, but he struggles to feed her. Returning to school will keep her safe and protect her future - but she knows nothing's certain and she's afraid.

I'm alone now and that makes me sad.

If she's not in school she knows others may prey on her vulnerability. She also knows other girls like her have been forced to marry.

Since the devastation of Ebola in Sierra Leone, Maria lives with her uncle’s family. Her own family cruelly ripped apart Ebola took her dad, her little brother and then her mum – leaving Maria an orphan. She knows her uncle struggles to feed her and that returning to school will keep her safe and protect her future. But she also knows nothing’s certain and she’s feels afraid. Poverty forces girls like Maria to marry as children and when she’s too hungry to go to school others prey on her vulnerability...

My father always said it’s important for me to go to school.

The heartbreak of losing her parents will always be with Maria but as a World Vision sponsor you can help orphans like her be less afraid of the future. Child sponsorship helps children like Maria get the support they need to cope with their loss. And getting back to school will help protect them and create a better future. The love, care and encouragement of a sponsor can truly bless a child like Maria, helping her live a life free from fear.

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Child sponsorship transforms one child’s life, and so many more: their family, friends, neighbours and you, the sponsor.


Our garden reflects life’s ups and downs, and particularly the unpredictability of life for the world’s most vulnerable children. As you reflect on the garden please remember the orphans of Ebola. You too could bring life in all its fullness to a child like Maria. As a sponsor you’ll share the life and journey of the child you sponsor, with photos and letters, and you’ll become that special person, showing them that you care.

As a sponsor you’ll share the life and journey of the child you sponsor, with photos and letters, and you’ll become that special person, showing them that you care.

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about our garden designer

Our designer John Warland works at the forefront of conceptual garden design, producing thought-provoking, yet beautiful spaces.

John’s an award- winning designer and a long-term World Vision supporter. After visiting his own sponsored child, John was inspired to use his own work to share the change he’d seen and encourage others to bring hope to children in the world’s hardest places.

Meeting my sponsored child Ronald in Bolivia and seeing how World Vision’s work positively impacts his family and community was an incredible moment.

- John Warland - Garden Designer

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stories and blogs

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Monday 04, Jul, 2016

Award-winning garden designer John Warland created the World Vision garden that recently won a silver-gilt award at this years’ Chelsea Flower Show. A long-term child sponsor of Ronald in Bolivia, this year John wanted to create a garden that reflected the positive impact of World Vision's work. Ahead of Hampton Court RHS Show this summer, he explains the concepts that bring the garden together…

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Together with Annie of Fable and Folk, our Social Media Manager Kate recently had the opportunity to visit our child sponsorship work in Jaiama Bongor, Sierra Leone. Inspired by Alice’s stories of change through Kids’ Clubs, Kate and Annie spoke to the local group in one village to hear how the Ebola crisis has affected their work.

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In pre-Ebola Sierra Leone, Maria lived with her parents, two sisters and little brother. She had a good life and was happy. Her memories of family days echo the happy, sunny, carefree days many of us associate with childhood.