World Vision's partnership with churches

World Vision UK partners with other Christian organisations to serve and equip UK Christians. We know that God has a heart for children - and that too many children around the world are being denied the chance to live the life God wants for them.

Making change is not quick and it's not easy. We need to be patient, equipped, prayerful - and united.

Read on to find out more about our work with Movemet Day, Willow Creek and ECG.

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Movement Day

Movement Day is a unified approach by many different organisations, networks and churches. It is about inspiring, challenging and equipping individuals to go back and set up transformational networks in their town or city.

Over the two days core themes will include:

  • Need and the biblical call for the transformation of our places
  • The foundational truth that transformation accord out of unity
  • The key priority of leadership
  • The vision for Kingdom transformation

Seminars and workshops will include:

  • Evangelism in today’s world
  • Developing ethnic unity
  • Effective social action and justice
  • Growing public leaders
  • Praying for your place and understanding its story and needs
  • Growing a transformational church
  • The sort of leadership we need for city transformation
  • Whole life discipleship
  • Serving amongst the urban poor
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Willow Creek at Global Leadership Summit 2017

Willow Creek Association (WCA) serves pioneering pastors and leaders through world-class leadership experiences and resources.

Join with your peers and learn how to maximise your influence with two days of extensive leadership training. Leverage the summit as a resource to transform you and your community.

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Next spring, join us from 3 - 18 April 2018 in Scarborough

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