I choose you is a powerful message of God’s love


Chosen™ is a brand new event, supporting your church and congregation’s overseas mission. This is Child Sponsorship with a twist – giving vulnerable children the chance to choose.

Choice is dignity, empowerment, the chance to have a say in your own future. Many vulnerable children have no choices in their day-to-day lives – poverty has taken that away from them.

You can give it back. For the first time, Chosen™ puts the power to choose a sponsor into the hands of the child.

Bring Chosen™ to your church

With powerful resources including sermon notes, videos, case studies and support from our team, you can invite your church family to put themselves forward as sponsors. 

Then, at a special party, children in one of our communities will be able to choose their sponsors – uniting your community with theirs.


Knowing that through being Chosen we have been part of empowering children to learn that they are loved and valued has transformed our congregation. We’re so excited to see what happens now these children are empowered with choices that can create change in their families and communities.


My encouragement to any church leaders who are considering taking part in Chosen is this: Not only will God bring about change in the community that you help to sponsor, but God will change you, and God will change your church.


- Dave Richards, minister at the UK’s first Chosen church, St Pauls and St Georges Church in Edinburgh

Our team would love the opportunity to talk to you about the vision and mission you have for your church and to tell you more about how your church can be one of the first to be Chosen™.

Please call us today on 01908 244429, email churches@worldvision.org.uk, or fill out the form below.

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