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From fighting malnutrition to ending child labour, we campaign to address the root causes of poverty that affect children and communities living in the world’s hardest places.

This year World Vision is a leading voice in action/2015. In September 2015 world leaders will agree new goals for global development, to replace the Millennium Development Goals. Working as a worldwide coalition, action/2015 will be acting throughout the year to raise the public's awareness and to ensure that the needs of the most vulnerable children and communities are placed right at the heart of these decisions.


Great change can happen. Each morning 17,000 under-fives wake up, who would not have survived 25 years ago – that’s almost 100 million lives saved. But we believe that no child should face the day fearing abuse, conflict or disease and no child should go to bed hungry. We also believe that this can be achieved by 2030.

Action/2015 is a global movement of over a thousand organisations working for change. Over the last 15 years we have seen more children able to live free from fear. There have been huge improvements in access to education and healthcare, in improved health for children and new mothers and in people exercising their voices and their rights. Much of this has been spearheaded and supported by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), giving world leaders a framework for improving the lives of people around the globe, in real and measurable ways.

The MDGs come to an end in 2015, but the need does not. This September, the UK government will join 192 other countries at the United Nations to agree new goals for the next 15 years.
If the new goals are to get close to ending hunger and poverty in 15 years, it is vital for children in the most difficult places and circumstances (such as displaced children, those in conflict-affected areas and in fragile states) to be at the heart of them.

The target is ambitious - but it should be. World Vision has joined action/2015 to ensure the voices of children are heard and can inspire world leaders to set ambitious goals.
Throughout the year, as part of action/2015, World Vision will be asking supporters to join us and shape the world for the next generation.

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Enough Food For Everyone IF

Enough Food For Everyone IF was about one big thing. It was about people coming together to do something remarkable for others. That remarkable thing was putting an end to global hunger.

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