Young girl holding photo of the person who will be her sponsor

Welcome P's & G's church

Thank you for being God's gift to a child

Sharing God’s gifts this Christmas

Thank you for joining us during the season of Advent and beyond.

Amongst the busyness, we pray that your journey to Christmas gives you time to reflect and prepare, beyond wrapping gifts and making mince pies.

At P’s & G’s, we know you have been focusing on The Gifts that God has given us, and your journey here is because of that.

Today you can give the gift of choice to a child living in one of the world’s hardest places. You can give them the opportunity to choose you as their sponsor and change their lives forever.

Empower a child to choose

Together with others, across the church family at P's & G's, you'll be giving a child the choice to choose. 

Chosen Sponsorship gives children the power to take hold of their future, by choosing you as their sponsor they'll change their lives and transform their community too.


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