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Sponsor a child today

and give them a world of firsts


Sponsor a child

Imagine if today, you changed a child’s life - for good.


When you sponsor a child with World Vision, you unlock a world of firsts.

A girl's first day at school is her first step to transforming the world.

A boy’s first nutritious meal means his first day with enough energy to really play.

A parent's first day at work, can be the last day their family goes hungry.

The first letter you receive from your sponsored child, is the start of a new friendship.


Right now, for just £26 a month, you can give a world of firsts to a vulnerable child and their community.

Become a child and community sponsor today.

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Choose a child to sponsor, like this little boy from Kilimatinde, Atony Khamisi age 3

Sponsor Atony Khamisi

Gender: boy | My age: 3
My home: Kilimatinde, Tanzania

My birthday is on the 1st January. My favourite game is playing with toys. In Kilimatinde life is hard for children like me. But sponsor me today and you can help change my life.

How does child sponsorship work?


When you sponsor a child, you change the life of them and everyone in the community, for good. 

Your £26 a month will help give the community the essentials they need to thrive and become self-

sufficient. From access to education, clean water, nutritious food and so much more - both you and your sponsored child can share wonderful first experiences.


While we’re working alongside the community to build lasting change, you’ll see the impact this has on your sponsored child.

You’ll be their only sponsor, and can exchange letters, you’ll receive photos and drawings too!


Find out more about how child sponsorship works


Isata's story 

For 14-year-old Isata, life changed the first time clean water flowed in her Sierra Leone village. She used to spend three hours a day fetching water for her family - from the same place where people bathed and washed their clothes. "I got sick when I drank the water and then had to stay in bed for a long time".

Everything changed for Isata when World Vision began to support her community through child sponsorships and helped restore a water point near her home. With clean water finally available nearby, for the first time she can simply learn and play.

"Before I became a sponsored child, I couldn't even write my name," says Isata. "Now I can write well."

Sponsor a child today

Child sponsor - Shemi


Shemi's sponsorship story

For Shemi and her children, sponsoring Vincent has brought so much joy. Her sponsorship began when she had her first son Adam and she realised other children wouldn't have all the wonderful experiences he would.

"I would say to someone who is thinking about sponsoring a child, go ahead and do it. It's the most life changing thing ever, it's absolutely brilliant."

Sponsor a child today

Child Sponsorship FAQs


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