Young Syrian girl in a refugee camp smiles as she stands in front of rows of tents

On World Refugee Day, take action for children

Child refugees' lives have changed in an instant. They need your help.

Can you remember a time when your life changed in an instant?

This World Refugee Day, millions of children are dealing with the sudden – and terrible – moment that made them refugees. It happens without warning. They're not at fault. And they need your help.

Watch this video to see the amazing resilience of child refugees and find out how you can help them survive, recover and have hope for the future.

Children need your help today

We see how vulnerable children are and how much they need our protection in the wake of war, disasters and humanitarian emergencies. And the need is only growing.

Today, there are more than double the number of emergencies than there were ten years ago. Climate change is unleashing natural disasters faster, for longer and with longer-lasting consequences for children and their families. The needs are greater, and so the response must be too.

A story of war

Thanks to supporters, in 2020, we delivered humanitarian assistance to over 27 million people in response to 66 natural and human-made disasters.

How you can help

Millions of refugees and internally displaced people are arriving at camps hungry, cold and deeply distressed by what they've seen and experienced.

Camps are at breaking point. Our partners on the ground are overwhelmed by the scale of the needs.

Refugee children have shown strength and courage in the worst of circumstances. Now with the coronavirus pandemic, they face even more upheaval.

We need your help to provide psychological support, healthcare, food and education.

Together, we can transform the lives of refugee children.

Boys and girls aged five or six can name every type of bomb by its sound, but sometimes can barely write their name having missed out on an education.

Johan Mooij

World Vision Syria Response Director

Our response

World Vision respond to many long-term humanitarian crises caused by conflict – often made worse by drought, as well as natural disasters including flooding, earthquakes, cyclones and tsunamis. With support from Start Fund, in 2019, we responded rapidly with emergency projects that started and finished within 45 days, for 20 emergencies and assisted over 600,000 people.

Give hope this World Refugee Day

Every action counts. Your donation will bring tangible change and real hope to children like Shaima.

A donation from you today can provide shelter, clean water, food and health care for new arrivals. You could help to run a Child-Friendly Space; a truly awesome place where parents can leave their children with safe adults for a couple of hours, knowing they will learn, play and make friends – a little normality to treasure.

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