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On World Refugee Day, take action for children

Child refugees have left everything. They need your help.

The conflict in Ukraine has forced so many children to flee their homes. Their lives have been changed in an instant and they’re now facing an uncertain future.  

But the problem is so much bigger. All around the world, disaster, conflict and political instability have forced children and families to leave everything behind and they urgently need your help.

Children need your help today

We see how vulnerable children are and how much they need our protection in the wake of war, disasters and humanitarian emergencies. And the need is only growing.

Today, there are more refugees fleeing their home country due to conflict than during the Second World War — and half of all refugees are children. 

A story of war

How you can help

Refugees and displaced children all over the world have their lives changed in an instant when they’re forced to leave everything behind. 

They’ve walked miles. They’re hungry, tired and terrified. In an instant they were forced to abandon everything. When they arrive at a refugee camp all they want is a warm meal — your donation can make that possible.  

Help provide food, shelter, counselling, and support for children forced to leave everything behind.  

Ready to respond

Because we have a continuing presence in nearly 100 countries, we are well-positioned to meet the needs of displaced people, whether they’re in their own country or living as refugees.

  • World Vision has helped more than 6.5 million children in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq and is also working within Syria.
  • World Vision operates in all 34 Rohingya camps in Bangladesh, providing aid for nearly 500,000 refugees.
  • World Vision helps South Sudanese refugees in Uganda with emergency food, livelihood training, healthcare, access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene, and educational opportunities.
  • We've reached 200,000 people within Romania, 50,000 within Ukraine and 20,000 inside Moldova. We are also supporting many of the estimated 4,500 refugees who have fled to Georgia.

Thanks to supporters, in 2020, we delivered humanitarian assistance to over 27 million people in response to 66 natural and human-made disasters.

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